YouTuber Jake Paul Accused of Looting

Millionaire YouTuber Jake Paul accused of looting Fashion Square while there to support George Floyd protest. 

A recent video leakage of YouTuber Jake Paul has now shocked the world as the 23 years old was witnessed looting at Fashion Square in Arizona. The burglar was taking place on the fifth night of protests, which happened after the killing of George Floyd.

However, Jake is not seen taking anything in the footage, but several eyewitnesses claim that Paul is looting and setting off fireworks with his friends.

Moreover, people also criticized Paul for not participating in the systematic protest of racism and police harshness and instead of supporting the ransack despite being a millionaire. One user tweeted,

He’s a millionaire looting while people are outside protesting, getting shot with rubber bullets, teargas, beat by cops.

The thing that has still left people scratching their heads was the real reason why Paul was at the mall. Over the situation, critics even cited his brother Logan Paul’s ill-famed “suicide forest” clip, disguising the brothers.

For those who are unfamiliar with the event, well, back in 2018, Paul filmed and posted the body of a suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara forest.”

As in now, one user is witnessed commenting that Jake Paul films himself looting during protests of the murder of an innocent black man.” The Pauls are the embodiment of white privilege. Profiting off of others suffering and getting away with it.”

On the other hand, Jake’s story is different, says, ‘he was an active participant’.
Image Source: Instagram

Notwithstanding, Paul is yet to post any content related to the viral clip, however, he did post an Instagram Story bickering that police teargassed him till the point his eyes started bleeding and even pointed their guns at him. 

In one of the videos, he has heard sharing, “F*ck you guys,” flipping the police off. “Rest in peace, George Floyd. For more Recent Events, visit beautyfrown.

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