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Why People Even Think Selena Gomez Had Plastic Surgery

As a fan, thinking of how far Selena Gomez has come from the Wizards of Waverly Place days and an apparently toxic relationship with Justin Bieber will make you admire her perseverance. And counter-intuitively, there are certain criticisms coming her way.

There are so many things that there is to talk about Gomez, but for now, she’s in a really good place after finding solace and self-acceptance, preaching others to do the same. Changing her music has been one way of transitioning to her new self.

And some people come to think she may have gotten plastic surgery of some kind around two years ago. You know, they were these hints along the way, a fuller face and some weight issues she was dealing with back then. But there was one thing that people tend to forget.

Doctors Believe Selena Gomez Had Plastic Surgery, But It May Just Be the Result of Kidney Transplant

It was 2018, the year after she went blonde at one point. Rumors were flying around of a possible lip job or rhinoplasty because of her fuller face, lips and bump-less nose. Experts weighed in more often than not.

It’s amazing how amazing it suits her.
Photo Credit: Chris Polk, AMA2017

“In photos taken in Selena’s younger years, her nose was a bit wider throughout, and had a slight bump at the tip,” Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley wrote in his blog. “In more recent photos, [her] nose is noticeably thinner along the bridge and nostrils, and that noticeable bump has magically disappeared.”

“The most noticeable difference is the shape of the lips, specifically in the Cupid’s bow,” Dr. Adam Schaffner told Radar Online. “It could be makeup, it could be that she had enhancement. Ultimately there is no way to determine with 100 percent certainty without asking Gomez.”

NYC’s Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner, Gaspar Rosario, also adds, “It appears to me that Selena had some fillers added to her lips. As you can see in the photo, her Vermilion Border, or Lip Line, appears to be plumped and swollen.”

Something was unrecognizably wrong in 2018.
Photo Credit: Andrew Lipovsky, NBCU Photo Bank

Gomez’s representatives claim she hasn’t gone through such ordeals and say it’s elegant makeup. Of course, Hung Vanngo has done some excellent works with her, whether we like it or not.

While many still insist there are some plastic surgery works for her changing lips and cheeks, a lot of the fans have come forward to exclaim there are certain drugs that a patient has to take following a kidney transplant that can have certain changes in their bodies.

And apparently, some of those immunosuppressant drugs are steroids, which will have a lot of effects on body weight and facial structures. After getting over it all, the rumors have since vanished though. It’ll be a while before that discussion starts all over again.

She Deleted Her Most-Liked Photo in 10 Days, and Some Think It Was Because of Boob Job Rumors

In September 2018, reports have it that Selena Gomez was the most-followed individual on Instagram. But she was said to not have her own password or the app on her phone. Regardless, what people found worth-questioning was a post she deleted 10 days after she posted it.

The deleted IG post with two photos had over 10 million likes before it was taken down and featured Gomez in a shoulder-less dress and a high ponytail with a drink in hand. No one knew why it was deleted, but many had some theories.

You can guess what rumor bloated in the comments.
Photo Source: Selena Gomez, Instagram via Selena Gomez Deleted Posts

With the photos, she was getting a lot of boob job accusations in the comments, and it was highly suspected it was the absolute reason. Meanwhile, some even pointed out the photos were taken just to make Justin Bieber see she’s doing better than ever and then taken down after fulfilling its task.

The rumors also have since faded, noticing that her dress had a lot in highlighting her assets. Besides, she hasn’t stopped changing her makeup and dress style to fit her mood.

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