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Why do Fans Think Maren Morris Had a Plastic Surgery?

Singer Maren Morris is having a fantastic career. If you look at her illustrious musical career, her rise to fame in an immensely competitive music industry has been no short of incredible. Being rejected by world-renowned singing competitions like “American Idol” and “The Voice,” she picked herself and came with a bang, and made it big into the showbiz. Her journey is an inspiration to many upcoming artists out there.

There is no denying of the Texas-born celeb’s ability and talents she possesses, and that goes for her both inner and outer beauty. However, when it comes to her physical beauty, she’s not much appreciated as she should be, and the reason might be because many believe she has gone under the knife to attain it. That’s right; she ranks among the lists of celebrities who people accused of having plastic surgery to look pretty.  

Are the allegations true? What changes has she gone through in recent years? And what do fans say about this?  

Did Maren Morris Have Lips Surgery?

Out of all her body parts, one of the most noticeable part, which many believes she underwent surgery, is her lips. And the people might not be entirely wrong as the pictures of her younger days and of now show how much it changed.

Maren Morris had normal lips when she was younger.

The Grammy Awards winner’s both upper and lower lips look unnaturally big, which has come under the supervision of many. As you can see, the picture of her young self, her lips, seems like of any average person’s lips do. 

Maren Morris’s picture after having lips injection surgery.
Source: The Boot

But if you are to compare it with her current lips, there is a stark contrast between the two. Remember, she is the same girl who grew being surrounded by media and the public. In fact, it might not be wrong to say that she literally grew up in the music industry.


Besides having lip injection, some pointed out the change in Maren Morris’s face, too, and believes she has also done facelifts. The claim has been debatable some crediting the camera filters though, at the same time, the “My Church” hitmaker’s forehead does seem like her forehead smoothed out.

Maren Morris has done facelifts to straightened out her skins.
Source: Maren Morris Instagram (@marrenmorris)

It, nevertheless, seems the latter is right after all, as the lady has openly admitted undergoing Botox.

Faces Body-Shaming And Criticism

Due to the drastic change of her body, Maren Morris has had to face criticism almost on a daily basis, especially on social media. Due to this, the singer sometimes personally had to deal with people. 

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Just a week ago, she uploaded the picture of her placing her newborn son Hayes Andrew Hurd who was born on March 23, 2020. But one user wrote, “Stop with the Botox” on the photo. 

The singer did not stay put possibly because her son was in the picture and replied: 

 “Dude, I just went through a pregnancy, and we’re in the middle of a quarantine,” she replied. “The Botox has long worn off.”

Not a bad way to shrug off the haters, won’t you say?

This, unfortunately, is not the first time she’s had to deal with such people. On December 01, 2017, she uploaded a photo of herself hanging out on a swimming pool, a Twitter user Seth Holbrook expressed his disgust and had some nasty words to say about her bosom.

The anonymous user wrote:

“Please tell me you didn’t get a boob job? Fake boobs are disgusting.”

Morris’s fans came to her rescue and defended the country musician. The mother of one herself did not leave the chance to get away and responded:

“Not that it would be any of your business, but I didn’t. But guess what? You just won a meet & greet of your choice so you can come and say that to my face!”

While there are always those who try to put Maren down, one thing is for sure she has been strong, and her fans were and are continually supporting her in everything she does. Well, that might be the most important thing to remember, and the singer looks to be doing just that.  

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