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Why Alessandra Ambrosio Avoids Plastic Surgery Altogether

Alessandra Ambrosio‘s lived it all, and she’s still maintaining the looks since being the Sexiest Woman Alive for many, landing on the cover of every magazine and being one of the highest-paid models of the world.

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel got plenty going on for her since a young age, and she doesn’t yet need cosmetic enhancements to liven up her glow. And she won’t likely want to get some even when she’ll need to. There’s a valid reason for her to decide that too.

One Bad Ear-Pinning Surgery Opted Alessandra Ambrosio Out of Plastic Surgery Altogether

Wearing a $2.5 million bra is one thing, but her insecurity is not someplace you would think it to be. During an interview with Net-A-Porter‘s The Edit in 2013, she revealed how trying to fix her protruding ears at 11 started her fear of surgery, of any kind.

Yeah, things have been different.
Photo Source: Alessandra Ambrosio Instagram

It would’ve been alright had that first surgery not gone awry. She was doing it originally for perfecting her little insecurities to be a model. After the first surgery went bad, she had to go back for more surgeries to fix it. And now, any cosmetic surgery just freaks her out.

“I always knew I wanted to be a model so I decided to have my ears pinned back, because they stuck out a bit,” she revealed. “I found this doctor in my hometown [of Erechim] in Brazil who had only done it once before, so I was a guinea pig. The first few nights, it felt like someone had cut off my ears. For a year, I had to go back for mini-surgeries. Doctors say they can fix them, but cosmetic surgery freaks me out now.”

Don’t Know If Retirement Resulted in the Split from Partner Jamie Mazur

After almost two decades of being among the top models of Victoria’s Secret, the 31-year-old hung up her wings and confirmed she was retiring from the business in November 2017 via Instagram. She made the announcement to settle all the rumors floating about her retirement.

It was further announced in March 2018 that the Brazilian separated from her long-time partner, founder of RE/DONE jeans, Jamie Mazur. Apparently, the two had split for quite a while and just decided to keep the news of their separation to themselves for a while, after Ambrosio having just retired.

They didn’t post pictures together on Instagram or go to public events together for months. “They [have] been trying to keep their split on the down low, but Alessandra has been out and about ready to mingle and hasn’t been taking Jamie to anything,” a source told Us Weekly.

The couple split after 10 years of engagement.
Photo Credit: Axelle, Bauer-Griffin

The relationship actually stemmed on the fact that the time apart they had from each other and her travel schedule were really good for the marriage, according Ambrosio herself. The two were engaged since 2008 and have two kids together, a daughter, Anja, and a son, Noah.

The wedding wasn’t really on top of her priority list, by the way. “If I have been engaged to him for eight years, then it’s not my priority,” she told Cosmopolitan in 2016. “I have a lot of things going on, and I haven’t gotten married because I’m so busy. I’ll think about that when I have time off.”

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