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Why Actress/Writer Justine Bateman Strictly Against Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is still one of the most controversial topics among celebrities. Is going under the knife to look or feel beautiful the wrong trend? Does correcting a physical flaw or stopping a natural aging process set a bad example for the next generation?

The answers to these questions vary depending on one’s point of view; while some believe that having plastic procedures is just another form of cosmetics and that it has no negative consequences, others think the exact opposite.

The American writer and actress Justine Bateman is among them. She is strictly against plastic surgery and revealed that she was never going to have one. Find out the reason here.

Why Actress Justine Bateman Will Never Get Plastic Surgery?

Writer and actress Bateman, most known for her works on Family Ties, Satisfaction, Men Behaving Badly, Desperate Housewives, Violet, and Five Minutes, gave an interview to People in April 2022 about the plastic surgery trend in Hollywood.

The 56-year-old actress/director turned author, while promoting her book Face: One Square Foot of Skin, which focuses on the topic of women and aging, talked about women’s beauty and how they can accept the aging process.

Source: Instagram@justinebateman
Beautiful actress, director, and author Justine Bateman

During an interview, she recalled that when she was in her 40s and writing her first book, Fame: The Hijacking of Reality, she remembered Googling herself and finding the autocomplete: “Looks old.”

Bateman stated:

“I thought my face looked fine. Because of some of the fears I had, unrelated to my face, I decided to make them right and me wrong….I became really ashamed of my face, ridiculously so.”

She then said:

“I don’t think it’s natural to tell women they should get they faces fixed. That’s the bottom line.”

The Desperate Housewives alum also shared that all the online criticism led her to have irrational fears about aging and that she almost thought of going under the knife.

“I realized my face is only going to get older. So why not take care of whatever fear I have attached to that.”

For example, the actress says: “What if people were looking at your face and thinking ‘I don’t want to listen to what she has to say because she looks older.'” None of it, she realized, had anything to do with her face.

Source: Youtube
Embracing her age-Justine Bateman Before and After

Bateman’s self examination also led her to examine society’s fears.

I find it wrong that women absorb the idea that faces need to be fixed. That it’s being treated as a matter of fact. I feel that we’ve skipped over the phase where we talk about whether or not we should criticize women’s faces as they get older.”

She continued:

“I think getting all this plastic surgery is just people pleasing,” she continues. “You don’t want people to criticize you anymore so you appease them. The more you do that, the further away you get away from your true self. It doesn’t work for me. If somebody said to me now we could do some surgery, wouldn’t I be signaling that I’m super insecure? To me, it would.”

As of now, the actress and writer have completely overcome her fear of aging and is accepting new wrinkles with love.

More About Justine Bateman

What Is Her Age?

Justine Bateman was born Justine Tanya Bateman on February 19, 1966, in Rye, New York, U.S. As of now, she is 56 years old. Her listed height is 5 ft 6 in (168 cm).

Are Justine Bateman and Jason Bateman?

No, Justine and actor, writer, and producer Jason are not twins.

Source: YouTube
Young siblings: Justine and Jason Bateman

The former is an older sister.

Who is her husband?

Bateman tied the knot with Mark Fluent in 2001. The couple has two children: Gianetta, a daughter, and Duke Kenneth Fluent, a son. 

Who did Justine Bateman play in Desperate Housewives?

One of Bateman’s most well-known roles was in the American comedy-drama soap opera Desperate Housewives. She played the role of Ellie Leonard.

How much is the net worth of Justine Bateman?

As per online sources, her net worth is $6 million. She and her husband bought a $1.825 million home in the Hollywood Hills in 2003.

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