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Which Plastic Surgery Procedures Did Catherine Bell Go Through?

Catherine Lisa Bell is one of the renowned American actresses who’s known for her roles in some of the most popular television series such as JAG, Army Wives, and The Good Witch films since 2008.

Bell’s fan and followers have been seeing her on the Television screen and movie screen for a long haul of time — more than a decade. And they’ve also noted all the changes that happened with the actress throughout the years. Most of her fans seem to be curious about the changes they’ve seen throughout the years regarding her plastic surgery rumors.

So here, we present you with all the facts and details of Catherine’s plastic surgery.

What’s Up with Catherine Lisa Bell’s Breast Implants?

Catherine’s chest seems puffier compared to before.
Image Source: Pinterest

A majority of fans have been suspicious as well as analytic, knowing whether Catherine’s chest are natural or surgically reconstructed.

But accounting it and comparing it with his past and present image previews, it seems there have been some change, however, there are no official reports.

Has Catherine Undergone Rhinoplasty?

Pointy nose and thin nasal bridge raised the suspicion.
Image Source: PSM

If we look at Catherine’s before and after image, then you can find some slight difference on her nose.

The image on the right shows that Catherine has a thinner nose bridge with nose seeming a little pointy. So comparing both the snaps we highly suspect Bell has undergone nose surgery.

Did Catherine Opt for Botox and Facelift?

No wrinkles and bright wrinkles with growing age made fans come with the assumptions.
Image Source: Pinterest

The precise reason why The Good Witch fans came with suspicions regarding using facial surgeries and botox injection is that back in 2017, her face seemed plumper. Her face had many wrinkles and lines before seemingly going under the knife.

However, as of now, her face wrinkles are gone and her face seems healthier with no trace of any wrinkles and knife, so followers are assured she might’ve had a facelift. As with her young look with growing age, we assume Catherine went under botox injections.

But that does not conclude surgical procedure to be the reason behind her charming skin as Bell is also a fitness enthusiast who constantly works out and looks after her body.

Although Catherine looks sharp, her cheeks are puffed. This indicates that Catherine may have used botox injections.

Did Catherine’s Hide her Neck Scar?

Now marks on her surgical area created the room for doubt.
Image Source: Verge Campus

If you have been following the star and grabbing every detail and events she gone to in her life, then you might well know when Catherine was nineteen years old, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Fortunately, the doctors successfully operated and were able to remove the gland, although, she still takes thyroid hormone. The scar, however, remained from the surgery.

As of now, there is no evidence of the scar being visible on that part, which has made fans curious if she opted for cosmetic laser scar removal.

Well, yes, she did hide her scars, and we explicitly cannot state which procedure she followed or is she hid it with foundation, but working in showbiz with that scar on, will surely draw in a negative impression. So it’s possible she did hide it.

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