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Which of Megan Fox’s Plastic Surgery Rumors Are True?

Find out the facts behind the 2008 sexiest woman Megan Fox’s plastic surgery discussions.

Many of you might recognize the California beauty, Megan Fox, from her remarkable debut in Transformers as lead actress ‘Mikaela Banes‘ alongside Shia LaBeouf

Megan, who holds credits for more than 37 movies, is noted mostly for her exceptional beauty, dazy blue eyes which has always been a subject of curiosity as well as a controversy to her fans and followers. Fox has been constantly blamed for undergoing plastic surgery to enhance her beauty and looks. Since it was been a subject of curiosity to millions, here we present you with all the facts.

How Far Megan Fox Truly Is with Plastic Surgery

If you’ve been following the tabloids and magazines, then you might well know Megan’s history of being accused of using plastic surgery by fans and by different media outlets. To be more precise, Megan has been surmised of undergoing facial surgery, nose surgery, and lips surgery. So did she really go ‘under the knife’?

Taking you directly to the point, ‘Yes’. However, they are not the major ones in comparison to those who completely changes themselves from one person to another. All the Aurora actress did was some minor facial changes, that’s it.

However, Megan is still silent regarding her plastic surgery rumors – her fans, followers and even some top surgeons seem to be the one calibrating and confirming Megan’s surgery being behind her exceptional beauty. 

Leading beauty surgeon Dr. Fiorillo took to his official website Michael Fiorillo MD and shared that Megan underwent lip enhancement, fillers in her cheeks, and injectable fillers under-eye area. 

For those who are unknown,, Dr. Fiorillo is a NYC based surgeon who is a specialist in body, face, and breast augmentation process.

Megan Fox’s Lip Surgery and Blepharoplasty

If you compare the below snaps, then you can find that the three times oscar-nominated actress Megan ‘for sure’ opted for lip augmentation as above lips seem to be much thicker compared to the past on the left from the year 2002.

Snippet of Megan Before (2000) and After Surgery (Now).
Image Source: Radar 

Megan is currently 33 years old and things has definitely changed with the time, however, Megan has not opted for major surgeries such as botox and facelift because she’s still young! And some basic beauty enhancement surgery such as liposuction is a normal and common thing, specifically for those who are into the showbiz industry.

Besides augmentation, the actress is also believed to have undergone blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) as the part above her forehead and corner of her eyes seems to have more of a deeper hallowed look. Her changes and surgery were claimed by double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Sayed.

Megan Fox Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) is Real!

If you overlook to Megan’s picture, then you will notice a subtle difference in her nose over the years. As the previous snap of Megan previews us with more of a bump bridge and less pointy than the recent one previewed on the right.

Nose Job confirmation: pointy look and smooth bridge.
Image Source: 

As of now, Fox’s schnozz articulates that nose-tip was shaved and the bump in the bridge smoothed out. And to be more clear, you can even compare with her lip surgery comparison where you can see a clear cut view of her nose now being pointed with a narrower bridge.

So that’s all of the minor fixations Megan did which we say is fair enough if your job is to seem photogenic. And coming on her silicon rumors such as breast and hip enlargement, well, they are not true, the actress always had the perfect luscious body shape. And remember, she’s a mother of three.

We hope you found the answer to your queries; stay tuned with beautyfrown to find more Celebrity Plastic Surgery articles. 

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