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The Verdict on Alexandra Cooper’s Plastic Surgery

It’s a battle, but despite having a major fallout with her former Barstool Sports co-host Sofia Franklyn, Alexandra Cooper is insisting that people not bring up the cancel culture on Franklyn. Cooper says it was all about the money for Franklyn when she walked away from the 50-50 deal, but she bears no ill-will towards her.

In another aspect of her life, the now-lone Call Her Daddy podcast host once dated New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard as they were never reluctant to show PDA in their public appearances. But it faded soon after; no one knows when, and no one seems to feel like talking about it anymore.

In yet another department, Cooper has fans raving for her body. Any particular secret to the “perfect” body?

You Can Speculate Any Plastic Surgery on Alexandra Cooper, But It Won’t Be Confirmed

Did you know Alexandra Cooper used to play soccer for her local team in Boston? It was years ago (actually not that long ago), and it’s not a new thing to know about her if you’ve been following her for a long time. She’s posted quite a few photos of her playing soccer back in 2015, and you can observe the changes in her body since then, if there are.

It’s unclear if she still plays soccer, but it’s highly unlikely.
Photo Source: Alexandra Cooper, Instagram

If you’re searching for signs of plastic surgery, you could see a whole lot of changes in Alexandra Cooper. You can speculate Cooper had lip fillers, boobjob, butt lift, Botox and whatnot; that still won’t make it true.

Her curvy body does accentuate all of those suspected qualities. Of course, it’s obvious when she intends to make you drool with her body. Her bottoms, those pouty, puffy lips and the curves on her chest-assets are to die for. But is there a foul play at work here?

Cooper’s lips don’t seem to have changed at all since those soccer-playing days. Her booty also remains unchanged, which can be achieved by exercise by the way. And there is a noticeable change in her breasts. But her ways of dressing and posing for photos have played an important role in popping up different features of her breasts.

Yeah, she wants you to know she’s got it.
Photo Source: Alexandra Cooper Instagram

While on the soccer field, there’s an obvious need to tighten her chest. And in some photos too, it seems she’s made them look a little smaller. But other than that, there seems to be a constant look about her assets. And remember, she was a growing lady in her late teens and early 20’s.

Despite what may come up for her in the plastic surgery department, she has not had to say anything about it. Most fans seem to just adore her body and continue to comment pretty nice things about her. One of the sneaky ones even noticed her birthmark on her right boob.

Not to Be Confused with Alexandra Cooper, a Real Plastic Surgeon

Unsurprisingly, there’s a plastic surgeon named Alexandra Cooper from Kingston, Ontario, who, along with her husband Jim Cooper, runs the Cooper Clinic. The ratings for the clinic are good, but it has nothing to do with the Call Her Daddy host.

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