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The Suspicions of Plastic Surgery Raised on Kenny Loggins

It seems like such a long time we’ve heard of Kenny Loggins, huh? Don’t worry, he’s still a legend in his field. He’d always been the heavily bearded guy hopping from band to band, until the last decade or so. And when the beard came off, there was his thin-looking person coming out.

Probably the most infamous thing about him is his association with the word Footloose. Well, of course, with it being the most iconic song of the 20th century. These days, he’s hopping from one movie or show to another, featuring as a performer.

And yeah, you’ve seen him in some prominent shows and in the industry, like Mom, Zombieland: Double Tap, Family Guy, Playing House and so on. And it was during one of these guest appearances that shocked some people to believe he may have had some work done on his face.

Plastic Surgery Questions Started Pouring in When Kenny Loggins Guest Starred in ‘Raising Hope’

Among his frequent guest appearances on TV shows was an April 2014 episode of Raising Hope. When fans saw him on the show, they couldn’t believe how different he looked in his 60s. An obvious question to come in their minds was if he’s taken up on plastic surgery.

Performing for the Father Daughter Dance.
Photo Source: Raising Hope, FOX

Of course, it’s not uncommon for men in the industry, music or movies, to get plastic surgeries, particularly, Botox, and facelift. While it’s likely that he may have opted for it, it might just be his less-bearded look that changed his appearances.

The Theories of the Changes on His Faces

Facelift hasn’t been a rare thing on legendary men’s faces with the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Gene Simmons having done it, with so many other suspected people like Dennis Quaid. It’s a process of pulling back the muscles on the face to reconstruct to their liking, more often for trying to de-age themselves.

From the bearded to the not-so-bearded.
Photo Source: Plastic Surgery Magic

If not, he’s had at least Botox on his face, the forehead and cheeks. Add to that, may have speculated that he’s had an eyelid surgery to remove sagging lids. Of course, getting into the 70s is not easy, many do opt for it. But there’s a differentiation of the fans who believe it’s been a disaster with him and those who believe he’s been better with that.

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