Scottish actress Izuka Hoyle turned to TV screen from stage productions

‘The Outpost’ Actress Izuka Hoyle Biography

Having made her on-screen debut through the film Mary Queen of Scots (2018), Scottish actress Izuka Hoyle didn’t take long to charm fans with her well-justified acting. The Edinburgh native notably portrayed one of the main casts, Wren, in The Outpost (2020-21).

Moreover, she made a recurring yet prominent appearance as Dana in the series The Wheel of Time.

Perhaps many know her for portraying Catherine Parr in the theater production of Six the Musical. Thanks to her acting prominence, Hoyle’s transition from stage to TV screen flooded her with wide exposure in the TV industry on an international magnitude.

Where Is Izuka Hoyle From, Her Nationality? Age & Height?

Hoyle was born on January 26, 1996, in Edinburgh, Scotland, the United Kingdom. As of 2022, the green-eyed brunette is 26 years old. She stands 5 feet 8 inches tall.

As many may try to figure out, her name “Izuka” is a Japanese name; its meaning is ‘beautiful fountain.’A British by nationality, the Boiling Point actress comes from a mixed ethnic background.

The daughter of Scottish parents: Pete Hoyle and Helen Hoyle, she grew up in her hometown Edinburgh with her sister Kimberley Chimdinma Hoyle. As for a fact, her sister Kim is also an actress & graduated in 2019 in performing arts from Central London-based conservatory The Urdang.

A childhood picture of Izuka Hoyle
A childhood picture of Izuka Hoyle
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A Capricorn by birth, who have ambitious & goal-oriented trait, Izuka sought vocational acting classes since her schooldays. After graduating from Royal High School in 2012, she attended MGA Academy for 2 years to hone her acting skills.

Then, from 2014 to 2017, the Scottish actress enrolled at Arts Educational School; there she received the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Scholarship for theater studies. Izuka Hoyle graduated with a BA in Musical Theatre.

Worked In Stage Productions- What Are Her Notable Roles?

Izuka Hoyle as an undergraduate in Arts Educational School began to work in stage productions. In her late teens, she made her theatrical debut in 2015 through Wish Me Luck, where she portrayed Cara.

Moreover, the future TV star marked her notable appearances in further productions of the institution: Hay Fever (2016, as Jackie Coryton), Candide (2016), and Titanic (2017, Alice Beane).

Then, on December 18, 2017, Izuka portrayed the original cast, Catherine Parr, in Six the Musical, an Off-West End production. She would leave the show on December 22, 2018. Additionally, she played Selena in Southwark Playhouse production, Working (2017).

It skyrocketed her applause of acting proficiency; no wonder she would gain on-screen approaches & a tag of a “Rising Star” by The Evening Standard in 2018.

While Hoyle branched out to TV career afterward, she did keep her stage works intact as well. Her other theatre production credits are The Selfish Giant (2018), Sylvia (2018), Malory Towers (2019) & Killer Queen (2019).

Did you Know? Hoyle is the first Black principal actress to play the role of Catherine Parr in the production of ‘Six the Musical.’

On-Screen Journey Of Izuka Hoyle- TV Series & Films

After a few years in the stage scenes, Izuka made her on-screen debut at the age of 22; she portrayed Mary Seton in the movie Mary Queen of Scots (2018). It starred famous Hollywood figures like Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie & Jack Lowden.

Also, the same year, Hoyle worked in the TV series Clique (2018) as Dani through 6 episodes.

Then, the Scottish-born had a recurring role in Jerk (2019) that followed appearances in Forget You (2019, short-film) and Float (2019, TV series). In 2020, she worked in the movie Villain co-starring Craig Fairbrass, before another feature film appearance in Boiling Point (2021).

TV Breakthrough From ‘The Outpost’– What Role Hoyle Portrayed?

The on-screen career breakthrough for Izuka Hoyle came in 2020 after she portrayed Wren in the TV series The Outpost. Having been introduced in Season 3, she appeared in 26 episodes through Season 4, which concluded on October 7, 2021, after no further orders of the new season came.

The fantasy-adventure drama which first premiered on July 10, 2018, co-starred Jessica Green, Jake Stormoen, Anand Desai-Barochia & Imogen Waterhouse.

Her ‘The Outpost’ character Wren is a genius yet a bold personality from the Blackblood species with black ear tips. She would help her mother Yavalla to unite all Blackbloods but only to regret it after she finds out Yavalla’s true intention. So, she collaborates with scholar Janzo (actor Anand Desai-Barochia) whom she previously had an altercation while invading his lab. In the quest to stop Eren’s mother, the two develop a romance & bore Janzo’s child.

After the death of her mother Yavalla, Eren became the high priestess to the remaining Blackbloods.

Cast In ‘The Wheel Of Time’ & Brief About Her Character!

Another notable role of the actress was the portrayal of the recurring character Dana in The Wheel of Time (2021). The epic fantasy series premiered on November 19, 2021, on Primetime Video. The main casts in the series include Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, Zoë Robins, Kate Fleetwood, among others.

Hoyle as Dana in the TV series 'The Wheel of Time'
Hoyle as Dana in the TV series ‘The Wheel of Time’
Image Source: [email protected]

Hoyle’s character Dana in ‘The Wheel of Time’ was a native of Breen’s Spring, Ando, who sought to travel outside her village. Later, she would become an innkeeper of Four Kings Inn. Moreover, she was also a Darkfriend, who traded her soul to the Shadow- in the hope that they would break The Wheel of Time.

As the main characters Rand al’Thor and Mat Cauthon visited her inn for a stay, Dana offers them shelter in exchange for some work. Later, she seemingly comes closer to Rand but in surprise reveals herself as Darkfriend & opens up that she saw Rand, Mat, Perrin Aybara, Egwene al’Vere, and Nynaeve al’Meara in her dreams. Further stated that one of them could be the potential ‘Dragon Reborn’.

While Dana kept explaining all these to Rand with a sword placed on his throat, another character Thom Merrilin sneaks in behind & kills her instantly throwing a knife through her throat.

How Much Is Net Worth Of Izuka Hoyle?

By her days in Art School, Hoyle turned professional- initially in stage productions that would grab her opportunities to TV success. Not to mention the majority of her income comes through her acting venture. Online sources estimate that Izuka Hoyle owns a net worth of $200,000 as of 2022.

Most famously, she worked in the theatre production of Six the Musical. Later, with an on-screen debut near the late 2010s, the Scottish actress made a TV breakthrough from ‘The Outpost’. It allegedly earned her tens of thousands of dollars per episode, which totals to a 6-digit figure through 26 episode appearances.

Even though, Izuka appeared in only 2 episodes in ‘The Wheel of Time’, she possibly managed a considerable sum being one of the core cast for storyline development. Additionally, the Mary Queen of Scots actress continued her work in stage productions as well.

On average, an actor in the UK earns a salary of £23,816 per year, while stage actors take home £500 per week. As for Broadway performers, the payroll goes higher up to £1,500-a-week.

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What Is She Doing Currently?

As per IMDB, Hoyle is working on her upcoming 2022 film Persuasion, currently under post-production. Moreover, she often promotes Mevaris Jewellery & ESCADA (luxury womenswear) on her Instagram, which is yet to see a blue checkered tick.

With the pace of her growing fame, it is certain that the Clique actress could manage a lucrative sum through endorsements. While the further on-screen opportunities could sky-rocked her net worth & led her into millionaire’s club.

Is Izuka Hoyle Dating Anyone? More On Her Personal Life!

No, as far as early 2022, The Outpost actress is not dating anyone officially. Moreover, no report on her past relationship or ex-boyfriend ever came into public knowledge. An avid Instagram user (@zucchiniboobeenee) with more than 14.3K followers, Izuka technically has no posts about her beau or love life.

But, she does seem on good terms with a guy named Freddie Burton, a jewelry designer, whom many fans ship her with. Though, they are yet to confirm if the two are in a relationship.

Rather than a romantic one, Hoyle shares a close relationship with her sister & parents. Her sister Kimberly is active on Instagram too with the handle @kimberleyhoyle.

Actress Izuka Hoyle and her sister Kimberly
Actress Izuka Hoyle and her sister Kimberly
Image Source: [email protected]

A fashion enthusiast with impeccable taste, Izuka features her stylish pics on social media.

A dog-person Izuka Hoyle, besides being an actress, is a gifted singer & dancer too. She is a skilled horse-rider & prefers adventures like skiing, hiking & cycling. Moreover, the Six the Musical actress is into athletics; swimming, tennis & boxing.

The stage-turned-TV star loves photography & has an obsession with nature. Aside from her hobbies, she is bold about her views on social causes & raises concerns on ‘Black Lives Matter.’

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