Israeli actress Efrat Dor; mother of two with her TV director husband

‘The Flash’ & ‘Sneaky Pete’ Actress Efrat Dor

From the Israeli film industry to breakthrough in Hollywood, Efrat Dor summoned success within a decade. Turned professional since 2007, the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute graduate got wide acclaim through Greenhouse Academy. And it’s all blessings of her prominent acting that saw her days in acclaimedT.V.V series: Sneaky Pete and MayansM.CC.

Dor worked as a series regular Eva McCulloch in theD.C.C comic superhero-basedT.V.V series The Flash (2020-21). Along with a sound career, she also leads a happy married life & mothers two children.

Efrat Dor Trained At Acting Academy- Age & Height?

A native of Be’er Sheva, Israel, Efrat was born on January 6, 1983; she is the daughter of well-educated parents, an engineer, and a writer. As of 2021, Dor, 5 feet 4.5 inches tall actress, is 38 years old.

Raised with her three brothers, the Israeli actress has Polish, German, and Russian ancestry. Reportedly, her maternal great-grandparents became the victim of the Third Reich and lost their lives.

Growing up, Dor developed an interest in acting & dancing; she even trained as a ballet dancer at the Bat-Dor Ballet School. After studying drama at Eshel Ha’Nasi High School, Efrat sought professional training at Beit Zvi School for the Performing Arts. Moreover, she later moved to New York City and studied at Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.

Breakthrough From ‘Greenhouse Academy‘- Went From Israeli Film Industry To International

In 2017, Efrat grabbed international fame after playing Michelle Wallace in the Netflix series Greenhouse Academy (2017-18). She worked in 7 episodes alongside Chris O’Neal, Grace Van Dien, Ariel Mortman, Parker Stevenson, Reina Hardesty, and Michael Aloni.

It is an adaptation of the Israeli television series, originally The Greenhouse.

Efrat Dor got TV breakthrough from Netflix series Greenhouse Academy
Efrat Dor gotT.V.V breakthrough from the Netflix series Greenhouse Academy
Image Source: [email protected]_dor

But her journey to success was not a smoothie though. It indeed was a start with baby steps in guest roles, but her proficiency blessed her with wide success in international platforms within a decade. She made herT.V.V debut in 2007 through minor roles in Israeli series: Mesudarim and Ha-Chaim Ze Lo Ha-Kol.

In 2009, the actress earned her film debut in Phobidilia, and later it would follow herT.V.V breakthrough as Shir Ambar in Asfur (2010-11). Throughout the mid-2010s, Dor worked in the IsraeliT.V.V series Meorav Yerushalmi, Pillars of Smoke, Sirens, and Downtown Precinct.

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Net Worth In 2021- Salary From ‘The Flash’ and ‘Sneaky Pete’

The Zookeeper’s Wife actress has 22 acting credits since she turned professional in 2007. Fully committed to acting, Dor’s primary income source is her on-screen career.

As of 2021, Efrat Dor has an estimated net worth of $1 million. For sure, she did collect a decent sum from herT.V.V career in Israeli projects, but the majority of the chunk came with her international projects.

Subsequently, after her screen time in Greenhouse Academy, the Israel-born TV actress made recurring appearances in MayansM.C.. and Sneaky Pete in 2019. Moreover, she joined as a series regular Eva McCulloch in The Flash during its Season 6-7 run.

Actress Efrat appeared as Eva McCulloch in The Flash
Actress Efrat appeared as Eva McCulloch in The Flash
Image Source: [email protected]_dor

Although she seems pretty reserved about the details on her payroll, online sources claim she summed up tens of thousand dollars per episode from Sneaky Pete and The Flash. As reported, the American actor Greg Gustin who plays Barry Allen/ The Flash in the superhero series earns $100,000 per episode.

So it could be possible that Efrat makes an annual salary in the 6-digit figure with herT.V.V projects.

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Who Is Efrat Dor Married To? All About Her Husband & Children!

Dor, trademarked her dark brown wavy hair, is a married woman and currently resides with her IsraeliT.V.V director husband, Moshik Maimon. But the two were not away from the talks of the split, which came in 2020.

However, on an Instagram post on August 8, 2021, the Sneaky Pete actress posted a picture kissing her husband, Moshik. Fans believe probably it was all from rumor workout, while some claim on reconciliation.

Sneaky Pete actress Dor's husband Moshik Maimon and their  2 children
Sneaky Pete actress Dor’s husband Moshik Maimon and their two children
Image Source: [email protected]

Despite the fact the two are not shy to express their love on social media, they seem to keep their dating story & wedding details up to themselves only. Moshik first shared a picture of Efrat Dor back in December 2012, a few months after the birth of his first child.

Together, the couple shares two children; a daughter Solly (b. November 28, 2012), and a son Reef (b. January 1, 2015). The family of four currently resides in Israel.

While Dor’s Instagram account (@efrat_dor) with 29.2K followers is yet to have any post of her kids in 2021, her spouse goes all-out when sharing pictures with his children. His Instagram account goes by the handle @moshikmaymon.

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