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The Expert Opinion on Alyssa Milano’s Plastic Surgery Speculations

Can you imagine Alyssa Milano‘s been in the entertainment industry for over three and a half decades? And she’s still going strong. Of course, starting the journey since being of single-digit age doesn’t render Milano’s age to be too huge.

Still, no one can stop aging, maybe pausing it a little with artificial enhancements. Milano hasn’t really talked about her plastic surgery rumors, but it won’t be surprising if she has gone under a knife on some occasions. There’s no reason for anyone in the entertainment to be embarrassed of it, unless it’s gone horribly wrong.

However, for Milano, if she’s decided for it, plastic surgery seems to have taken the right turn. If not, she’s defeated aging and retained the beauty all through her two pregnancies. Either way, there are places for discussing if in her case.

Dr. Todd Schlifstein Assumes Cheek Fillers and Botox on Alyssa Milano

Since her debut in Who’s the Boss? in 1984, there’s a claim that she’s barely aged a day, aside from her journey though her teenage years into adulthood. And it’s not that repulsive to think about it. And Dr. Todd Schlifstein of NYC’s Fountain Med Spa thinks it’s medicine, not magic.

In the ’90s, and timeless.
Photo Source: The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

“Alyssa looks more beautiful than she did years ago,” Dr. Schlifstein says. “She may have had some filler in her cheeks and nasolabial [laugh] lines. And her forehead is very smooth, indicating Botox use.”

“There’s more of an open appearance to Alyssa’s eyes and brows,” adds Dr. Michelle Copeland, who suggests it could be due to a forehead lift and/or upper blepharoplasty, aka eyelift.

Adding to the possible cheek life, Dr. Schlifstein says, “Alyssa probably had Juvéderm or Restylane in her cheek and laugh lines,” to replace the lost volume in her mid-face.

With a Boob Job and Nose Job, Dr. Copeland Estimates $50,000 for Milano’s Total Plastic Surgery

There’ve been more speculations of plastic surgery on Alyssa Milano from her fans and such. And the experts also do believe it’s possible she’s done more than just Botox and cheek fillers. A boob job and a nose job may be possible, but we’re not claiming she’s had them.

The prominence of Milano’s cleavage may be a result of her pregnancies rather than surgery.
Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Copeland still observes that she may have had a “nose job, breast enhancement, forehead lift and/or upper eyelid lift.”

“Her nose is narrower and more refined, which is consistent with having had rhinoplasty,” she says, which costs around $10,000. Meanwhile, “her increased cleavage indicates breast augmentation,” upping her bust to a C-cup, possible with a $15,000 procedure.

All in all, Dr. Copeland assumes the entire procedure of reconstructing her upper body, if she’s ever done any, costs up to a staggering $50,000. Of course, with her net worth, it’s entirely affordable for her.

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