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‘Summertime’ Actress Coco Rebecca Edogamhe Biography

The young generation in the acting industry barely stops amazing us, & among the promising talents, Italian actress Coco Rebecca Edogamh is the one. The TV star started her on-screen venture through the Netflix series Summertime (2020- Present) as one of its leads, Summer.

No doubt, it was more than enough to put her into maps of the talented young figure, not only in Italy but in the international platform too. There is no denying Rebecca already possesses potential in acting, but she didn’t limit herself to that only. Coco is also a proficient model & works with Next Models Milan agency.

Who Are Parents of Coco Rebecca Edogamhe? Age & Height?

Rebecca Edogamhe was born in Bologna, Italy, on September 5, 2001. An Italian by nationality, Coco has a diverse ethnic background; reportedly, her father is Nigerian while her mother is from Lecce, Italy. The eldest of two grew up outside Bologna with her younger sister named Alicia.

She shares a very close relationship with her sister, who is also an actress & her co-star in the Netflix series Summertime.

Edogamhe with her younger sister Alicia
Edogamhe with her younger sister Alicia
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As of 2022, the Summertime actress is 20 years old & stands 5 feet 4 inches (167 cm) tall. Coco Rebecca Edogamhe, the black hair & brown-eyed actress has a curved body figure. She is also famous for her alias Rebecca Coco.

Although Edogamhe barely opened up about her academics, she reportedly completed her high school studies in 2020 summer.

Audition & Breakthrough In Acting With ‘Summertime’

The Italian-born is a newbie in the acting industry, having no acting classes beforehand. But her justification with on-screen prominence tells out natural nurture for TV works.

It all started by a chance after Rebecca’s friend suggested her for an audition. However, at that time, Edogamhe had no idea that it was for the role of the protagonist in ‘Summertime’. Later, she had audition again & again before her Rome audition pocketed her the role.

In an interview with NSS Magazine, Coco stated that the casting team of the series told her mom about her selection, which she describes as “so surreal.”

Actress Coco Edogamhe as Summer in the series 'Summertime'
Actress Coco Edogamhe as Summer in the series ‘Summertime’
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In 2020, Rebecca Edogamhe made her on-screen debut as well as breakthrough as Summer Bennati in the Netflix series Summertime. It is a modern love story on Italy’s Adriatic coast with a summer theme; a romance visualization of two people with different worlds & different visions.

It features Ludovico Tersigni (who plays Alessandro), the on-screen love interest of Coco (who plays Summer). Moreover, the streaming series co-stars her real-life sister Alicia (as Blue, on-screen sister), while actress Abigail Boucher plays her mother Isabella.

Other casts of Summertime include Amanda Campana, Andrea Lattanzi, Matthew David Rudd, Caterina Biasiol & Christian Wolf.

More About Rebecca Coco Edogamhe ‘s Character ‘Summer’!

The Summertime premiered on April 29, 2020, & completed its 2nd season on June 3, 2021; totaling 16 episodes. Its filming began in Marina di Ravenna and then in Cesenatico before it ended in Rome. It is based on Federico Moccia’s novel Three Meters Above the Sky.

In the series, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe portrays Summer Bennati, a responsible & and independent girl who dreams of exploring herself & the world beyond her family. But to support her family financially, she has to work & feels she couldn’t remain away.

In Season 1, her character Summer, who ironically hates the summer season, goes to find a job at The Grand Hotel Cesenatico to support her mother financially. There she meets Alessandro aka “Ale”, a completely different person from her. Ale is a famous motorcyclist with rebellious enthusiasm & determination to live above normal life.

Coco with her Summertime co-star Ludovico Tersigni (portrayed Alessandro)
Coco with her Summertime co-star Ludovico Tersigni (portrayed Alessandro)
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The two fell in love; their romantic relationship grew vibrant but by Season 2 with the end of summer, the love birds were looking far from each other. All teenagers characters gradually find out what it meant to grow up & accept reality, while other challenges await them.

Will There Be Season 3 of ‘Summertime’?

Within a month of the Season 2 release, the Netflix series Summertime seemingly got a renewal order for Season 3. Many Italian outlets talked about the show’s renewal, though Netflix is yet to have official confirmation as of early 2022.

Lorenzo Sportiello & Francesco Lagi directed the Season 1 of Summertime, each with 4 episode credits. Lagi also was in the direction of the early 4 episodes of Season 2, before Marta Savina took over in the other 4 episodes.

Net Worth of Coco Rebecca Edogamhe [2022 Update]- Income Sources & Earnings

The Italian actress has an estimated net worth of $150,000 as of 2022. It’s all thanks to her breakthrough performance in Summertime. Allegedly, she made tens of thousands of dollars from her role as Summer in the Netflix series. Moreover, Coco worked in the short-film Le château du tarot (2021) & guest-starred in the TV series Drag Race Italia (2021).

In an interview with WWD, she expressed her desire to attend acting school to ‘build a solid foundation to grow in the showbiz.’

But also Edogamhe’s fame opened up & eased her path in modeling. The Summertime star caught the attention of Gucci & did a photoshoot with them. Moreover, she became a part of Liu Jo’s project “My Italian Dream”. Throughout these years, Coco appeared for magazines such as Grazia Italia magazine, Rolling Stone Italia Magazine & NSS Magazine.

Actress Coco Rebecca Edogahme posing for the Gucci photoshoot
Actress Coco Rebecca Edogahme posing for the Gucci photoshoot
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Currently, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe has an association with Next Models Milan. The fame shower through acting saw her massive fan-following on Instagram & so came the online endorsements. She has partnership deals with Samsung Italia, Desigual (apparel) & Woolrich (clothing).

Moreover, the young TV star, as well as a model, seemingly has promotional deals with H&M, Moncler, Gucci, Versace, Siguelsol (clothing), YOOX (shopping retail), Sergio Rossi (handmade Italian shoes & Bvlgari Allegra (perfume & accessories).

As per Influencer Marketing Hub, her Instagram account has the potential to earn $555- $926 per sponsored post.

In Italy, the average salary of an actor is €54,547 per year, while a model can sum up to €30,736 annually. And as for Coco, who already accomplished a lot, the payroll, without a doubt, is significantly higher. With the acting & modeling stints standing by in the near future, her fortune could skyrocket.

All About Personal Life Of Coco- Who Is She Dating? Name of Boyfriend?

Stardom comes with the price of curiosity on the star’s personal life, and Italian actress Coco Edogamhe is no exception. An avid user of Instagram (@cocorebecca_) with 185K followers, the Summertime star doesn’t hold back to share blissful moments of her personal life; including her love story.

Currently, Coco is in a relationship with her boyfriend Manny Ribera, aka Manfredi Sanacore Testai. Reportedly, they are dating since 2020, when the actress was 19. But the duo kept their relationship under wraps until February 23, 2021, before going Instagram official.

On her IG post, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe shared a series of pictures of them & wrote “SWEET CHERRY PIE I LOVE YOU”.

Coco Edogamhe and her boyfriend Manfredi
Coco Edogamhe and her boyfriend Manfredi
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Not much about the background of boyfriend is out at the moment.

On her Instagram, she often shares pictures with her sister Alicia. Edogamhe is a fashion enthusiast & features new styles of her own on the platform. Aside from modeling & acting, she loves traveling, painting & does video-editing too.

Coco is multi-lingual; aside from her mother tongue Italian, she has fluent Spanish, German, and English.

Wanted A Straight Hair As A Child

Often in her interviews, Rebecca compares herself with her introvert-character Summer of Summertime. Growing up as a girl of color, she wanted to change her look & would try to have straight hair like her white friends. But later, Coco found love with her natural Afro-textured look & jokes about how she used a straightener every day until her hair got damaged.

Moreover, when asked about her more background, she told WWD that the actress never had to face racist people. Rather, she expressed that it was lucky for her to hail from a mixed background; it gave her a chance to experience different things.

Also, Coco Rebbeca Edogamhe opened that she often visited her mother’s family in Apulia but never got a chance to visit Nigeria (her father’s native country).

The young enthusiastic actress also praises the changes in the film industry. And hopes that the showbiz ‘will be the greater realization of reality’ without stereotypes. Moreover, within a decade, she aims to expand & achieve on-screen success, added that she wants to work with her favorite acting figures: Viola Davis, Zendaya & Timothee Chalamet.

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