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Stassie Karanikolaou Had Plastic Surgery Three Times On Her Breasts. Learn Why?

Getting Plastic surgery is common among celebrities; however, being candid about it is still a rarity. Model Stassie Karanikolaou falls in that rare category. 

Stassie Karanikolaou, who was born as Anastasia Karanikolaou and goes by the name of Stassie Baby on social media, is a model and a social media star. She has over seven million followers on Instagram and has modeled for brands such as White Fox Swim, Elise x Elisia, and Hoaka Swimwear. One of the reason for Karanikolaou’s  immense popularity is her close relationship with reality TV Star Kylie Jenner. Still, there is no denying that her perfect curves also has played a significant role in her rise in the pop culture. 

Stassie Karanikolaou boasts perfect curves.
Photo Source: Stassie Karanikolaou’s Instagram(@stassiebaby)

Stassie, unlike other celebrities, has been very candid about her cosmetic surgeries. She has often vlogged her surgeries and informed about the procedure. But fans are not convinced that the 22-year-old is telling the whole truth. What are the fans accusing her of? Let’s find about that alongside the story behind Karanikolaou’s multiple surgeries.

Drooping Breasts Before Surgery 

In 2017, Stassie had her first breast surgery. She did a breast lift without implants to fix the symmetry of her breasts. 

The model in an interview with BAZAAR revealed that she had cutest, perkiest breasts when she was young, but someone advised her not to wear underwire bra as it would result in sagging. However, soon, she realized that the advice could not have been more wrong. One of her breasts became almost a full cup size larger than the other, which caused the asymmetry and eventual sagging. 

Stassie Karanikolaou had Asymmetrical breasts before plastic surgery.
Photo Source:Stassie Karanikolaou’s Instagram(@stassiebaby)

Karanikolaou faced many problems because of this asymmetry. Not only was finding perfect bras difficult, but she was also not able to fit into some items of clothing on photo shoots, which as a model was problematic. 

Thus, after more than two years of thinking and consultation, the social media star decided to do breast lift surgery from the hands of Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a celebrity plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. He also operated on Iggy Azalea.

Stassie, after the surgery, opened about her plastic surgery experience. When asked why is she so open about sharing to which the model replied, 

“I wanted to show people that there’s nothing to be ashamed of— that it’s so common for girls to have this issue, and you can do something to fix it.”

Standard breast augmentation or lift can cost around $10,000, but if implants or fat transfer are added, that price increase to anywhere from $22,000 to $55,000. A patient with a typical breast lift can heal in three to five days, however the patient with liposuction can be sore for seven days.

A Second Breast Augmentation Surgery 

In the same year of first breast surgery, Karanikolaou went for a second breast surgery, this time to increase the volume. The Instagram star explained that after losing a lot of weight, her chest shrunk. Since she wanted her breasts to be cute again, she opted for this surgery.  

Stassie Karanikolaou after her Second Breast Surgery.
Photo Source: Stassie Karanikolaou’s Instagram(@stassiebaby)

The reasoning and the whole process was shared in one of her vlogs. By the end of the video, the YouTuber showed off her new chest. 

A Third Surgery On Breasts 

Karanikolaou, after a few months of her second breast surgery, was back at Dr. Ghavami’s office as her implants were falling or bottoming out. Since her breasts had thin skin, thus the implants were too large for her

Thus the model and her surgeon deiced to reduce the breast size by going for smaller implants. She talked about this surgery in one of the vlogs posted on October 2019. 

Lasik Surgery With Best Friend Kylie Jenner  

As mentioned above, Kylie and Stassie are close friends. They have known each other for more than nine years. Many times, Stassie has lived in the Kardashian house, and it looks like she is currently in Kylie’s new house, which the billionaire bought recently for a whopping $36.5 million

Stassi Karanikolaou in Kylie Jenner new house wearing Skims.
Photo Source: Stassie Karanikolaou’s Instagram(@stassiebaby)

Karanikolaou and Jenner are known to post pictures online in matching outfits. Not only that, but the best friends also have matching tattoos that read ‘Stormi’ – the name of Jenner’s child. So, when the time came for eye surgery, the best friend did it together as well.

In October 2019, Stassie, who is legally blind and the reality star underwent Lasik surgery. After the operation, their friend threw a party where they both were seen wearing a same type of dress.  

Stassi Karanikolaou and Kylie Jenner wearing similar outfit while going for their aftereyesurgery party.
Photo Source: Yahoo News

Stassie is often criticized for following all the Kardashian’s trends and making her body similar to them. Infact she has admitted doing lip fillers and making lips similar to Kylie. 

Given Stassie’s history many fans think she has done a butt implant to make her butt like the infamous Kardashian butt. The model is yet to comment on that rumor. 

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