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‘Splinters’ & ‘Bitten’ Actress Sofia Banzhaf Biography

With each year passing by, the on-screen & behind-the-camera work of Canadian actress Sofia Banzhaf gets sharpened. The Bitten actress who portrayed Katia Antonov in the series got mainstream as a rising young director/producer in Canada. Thanks to her short film I Am in the World As Free and Slender as a Deer on a Plain (2019) which stood among the Top 9 films in Toronto International Film Festival.

So what are her upcoming projects? Wonder if Sofia is in a relationship with anyone? Scroll further.

Where Is Sofia Banzhaf From? Nationality, Age & More!

Banzhaf was born in Germany but her family moved to Canada when she was only 4 years old. Currently based in Toronto, the Closet Monster actress holds Canadian nationality. Sofia even went to the United States & spent a brief of her childhood there.

As for her birthday & family background, Sofia Banzhaf remains secretive but reportedly has 2 older siblings- she is the youngest. As of early 2022, the brunette with hazel eyes is allegedly in her late 20s & stands 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm).

Moreover, no further update on her schooling or academics is out but possibly could have attended an acting school. While growing up, Sofia saw her childhood days in many places; although her siblings felt uneased, she enjoyed & challenged herself to cope with new situations & places.

Portrayed Katia Antonov In ‘Bitten’: Acting & Directorial Debut

In 2010, Banzhaf made her on-screen debut through a guest appearance in Montréal Hearts (2010). However, it was until 3 years later, she became active in the industry, having made her feature film debut through Silent Retreat (2013).

The Republic of Doyle guest-star then set her hands in writing & directing; in 2015, she wrote & directed the short-film Diamond Day & later Seven Stars (2016).

Banzhaf with her Bitten co-star Steve Lund
Banzhaf with her Bitten co-star Steve Lund
Image Source: [email protected]@yungfifi

In 2016, she portrayed Katia Antonov in Season 3 of Bitten joining John Ralston & Alex Ozerov. Other main casts in the series were Laura Vandervoort, Greyston Holt, Greg Bryk & Steve Lund. Throughout the late 2010s, it followed TV series appearances in Reign, Saving Hope, Carter & Murdoch Mysteries.

Another notable TV series credits were in The Communist’s Daughter (2021, 8 episodes).

Movies & Short-Film Appearances

Her mainstream film came with the portrayal of Gemma in Closet Monster (2015); it is about the struggle & challenges of a closet gay teenager Oscar Madly (actor Connor Jessup).

After a spree of short movies, We Forgot to Break Up, Violence & Kingdom City Drowning in 2017, she portrayed Belle in Splinters (2018). Sofia Banzhaf’s character showcases the tension of the relationship with her mother since she opened up as a lesbian, & later finds out that she is bisexual as well.

In 2019, the German-born & currently Canada-based actress played Tracey Mulligan in Black Conflx co-starring her longtime friend Nicole Dorsey.

The same year, her short film I Am in the World As Free and Slender as a Deer on a Plain premiered at Toronto International Film Festival. It became one of her noteworthy directions & on-screen work.

And later, landed in another feature film Stage Mother (2020) & Retrograde (2022).

How Much Is Net Worth Of Sofia Banzhaf In 2022?

As of 2022, Banzhaf has an estimated net worth of $200,000. Most of her income came through her acting venture with more than 25 acting credits. Most notably, Sofia worked in short films & movies including Closet Monster (2015), Bitten (TV series, 2016), Splinters (2018) & Black Conflux (2019).

In Canada, an actor makes a salary of $42,900 per year. Moreover, she wrote the novella Pony Castle. As the director & producer, Sofia made a considerable sum of money. The average payroll for a film director in Canada is C$69761 annually.

Is Sofia Banzhaf Dating or Married?

The Closet Monster actress likes to travel a lot & keeps herself occupied with her personal interest. Although she previously used Instagram, Sofia is not active on the platform at the moment. Rather, Banzhaf uses Twitter (@yungfifi) where she shared pictures of a guy & titled him ‘bae’ back in November 2015. She wrote:

“Tfw bae visits u on set and u kill him but u keep him in ur trailer so u can use him as an accessory for ur selfies.”

Sofia Banzhaf with her alleged boyfriend; shared the picture in November 2015
Sofia Banzhaf with her alleged boyfriend; shared the picture in November 2015
Image Source: [email protected]@yungfifi

However, the Canadian actress didn’t share much about her ‘alleged’ boyfriend or their courtship. Furthermore, no update on her relationship is out if they are still together.

So far as of 2022, Sofia Banzhaf is not married.

In 2019, she wrote, directed & produced the short film I Am in the World As Free and Slender as a Deer on a Plain. It is about a young girl who tries to explore much on dating & relationships, which she also interprets as her own experience.

Though, no report on her ex-boyfriends or dating story ever made highlights.

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