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Something’s Off About Charo’s Face, Is it a Result of Bad Plastic Surgery?

All about Charo’s plastic surgery that ended really bad.

Charo (born Maria Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza) is a Spanish American singer, actress, comedian, and Flamenco guitarist. When it comes to her talent, she is a rare gem. According to her Wikipedia page, Charo began playing guitar at the age of 9.

The guitarist was trained under the famed Andres Segovia. Her step to stardom spiked when she married bandleader Xavier Cugat, following which the couple moved to the US. The singer started making her appearance as a guest star on series like ‘Laugh-in,’ ‘Fantasy Island,’ ‘The Love Boat,’ and many more. 

She became an integral part of such shows in the 60s and 70s, as she was loved for her exuberant manner, vague age, lack of fluency in English with a heavy Spanish accent. Moreover, she attracted millions of fans by her catchphrase, ‘cuchi-cuchi.’

No doubt, she excelled in all of her career paths despite the language barrier. The world knows for her work, but of late, Charo is known for her bad plastic surgeries too. It is sad to say, but Charo is a prime example of ‘Plastic surgery gone wrong.’ 

Charo’s Bad Plastic Surgery

It’s needless to say, some plastic surgery can go really wrong, and we are saying this with our heavy heart, Charo is one of the examples. Plastic surgery doesn’t always turn out the way people want it to. We have tried to compile all the plastic surgeries of Charo that went wrong or bad. 

Charo before plastic surgery.
Photo Source: Life&Style

Charo is one of the most beautiful women of her time. She was the idol for many women at that time, and pretty much everyone one wanted to look like her. Since everything comes with a expiry date, that fantastic, radiant beauty of her started to fade as she aged.

course. And as most celebrities do, Charo opted for plastic surgery; however, things did not go really well for the singer. 

It is believed, the Flamenco guitarist went under the knife for a number of times during her career of over five decades. So, as you can see from the picture above, Charo has had a boob job, used Botox, fillers, and rhinoplasty.

Since we are talking about the procedures that went really bad for the singer, it has got to be her rhinoplasty on the top of the list. It was back in 2017 people noticed the difference in her nose while she was competing on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’

We Could Not Pinpoint, But Something’s Really Off About Charo’s Face

Something’s off about Charo’s face.
Photo Source: Life&Style

Well, the result is just there if you compare the two pictures of Charo. Fake eyelashes, poorly done lip fillers, too much Botox, and rhinoplasty that went horribly wrong for the singer. 

It’s needless to say, the Flamenco guitarist went a little overboard in a horde of looking good through plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. While she still managed to hide her wrinkles, she ended up looking like plastic.

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