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Some of Ariana Grande’s Rumored Plastic Surgery Procedures, Find Out All Here

Find out if Ariana Grande had plastic surgery.

Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande-Butera) is an American singer/songwriter and actress. The singer first made her public appearance as an actress, where she played the role of ‘Cat Valentine’ in the Nickelodeon series, ‘Victorious,’ in 2010.

Later, 26-year-old signed with ‘Republic Records’ in 2011, when the executives of the record label company discovered her on YouTube. However, she began her musical career in the Broadway musical in 2008.

So, almost after the decade when we look back, Ariana is not the same as what she used to look. While aging is also a factor for her changing features, some experts on this topic believe the singer went under the knife for a few tweaks here and there.

Ariana Grande’s Plastic Surgery

Ariana Grande is a 26-year-old singing sensation right now. She has both young and old fans all across the world. Ariana started getting tons of speculations from people because her looks were changing so much over the years.

Most people are convinced the actress/singer changed something on her features; however, they could not put their finger on what exactly had changed for Ariana. So, let’s discuss what procedure Ariana might have opted for.

Ariana Grande’s Rhinoplasty

Nose Comparison.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

The most obvious change in Ariana’s face is her nose. Experts believe she had a closed rhinoplasty somewhere between 2013 – 2014. The closed procedures don’t usually leave visible scars on the columella. 

As you can see on the comparison pictures, her tip cartilages have been shaved down, giving it a thinner, more streamlined and symmetrical nose.

Ariana Grande’s Eyebrows Lift

Eyebrows Comparison.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

Ariana always had that wide-eyed, childlike to look her, but her eyebrows have not always been that high on her face. Experts believe Ariana had an eyebrow lift.

An eyebrows lift raises the eyebrows, so they are higher on the face; it also raises the hairline. However, according to the experts, this procedure doesn’t fix asymmetrical eyebrows. 

Ariana Grande’s Chin Wing Implant

Chin Comparison.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

Ariana as a teenager had a lot of facial fat; when she aged, her baby fat started to dissipate, and a different bone structure began to emerge. Grande’s chin was pointy, and her jawline was uneven and asymmetrical. 

It is believed, the pointy chin was fixed with chin wing implants. It’s a procedure that fits onto the chin and fills in just the side of the chin, not to be confused with chin implants that fill in the tip of a chin. 

What Ariana Grande Says About Her Alleged Plastic Surgery?

Ariana Grande has always denied going under the knife. Despite people’s claims, the singer kept denying plastic surgery rumors time and again.

Back in 2019, the singer had a Twitter exchange with a fan who said her “plastic” nose looks cute, to which Ariana replied, “this is my birth nose.” The singer, not only with her nose but all has denied going under the procedure. 

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