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Shannen Doherty Opposes Plastic Surgery And Slams Actresses Who Have It 

Evergreen beauty Shannen Doherty made her acting debut as a child. She has been active in the entertainment industry for several decades.

She is most known for her roles in movies and TV shows such as Little House on the Prairie, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Heathers, Beverly Hills, 90210, Charmed, Fortress, and many more.

Looking at her experience, we can say that she knows one or two things about being in the limelight and being a Hollywood actress.

In recent years, Doherty has argued that today’s actresses lack natural beauty and authenticity. They appear to have fillers, Botox, and facelifts.

Shannen Doherty Opposes Plastic Surgery And Slams Actresses Who Have It 

Shannen Doherty of Beverly Hills, 90210 made an Instagram post in 2021 criticizing today’s actresses. She slammed them for wearing too much make-up and having plastic surgery. 

She wrote:

“Watching movies tonight and noticed there were few female characters I could relate to. You know, women without fillers, without Botox, without a facelift”.

Source: Instagram@theshando
Shannen Doherty shares her views on plastic surgery

The Heathers star further said that she is done trying to fit into Hollywood’s beauty standard. Also people now should at least try to change beauty perception.

Doherty’s stance against plastic surgeries comes just as the world has become obsessed with cosmetic surgeries.

As per the reports of 2022, liposuction has become the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world.

CNN reported that, according to newly released data from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), liposuction has overtaken br**st augmentation as the world’s most popular cosmetic surgery—about 14.8% of liposuction was performed worldwide.

Here is the Plastic surgery details of other celebrities such as Elsa HoskFai KhadraNicola PeltzJesy NelsonSZA, and Nina Dobrev.

Cancer Survivor Doherty’s Journey To Self-Love

Shannen Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. She underwent a lumpectomy, a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation.

A lumpectomy is a surgery to remove cancer or other abnormal tissue from one’s br**st. And a mastectomy is a surgery to remove the breast.

By 2017, her cancer was in remission, but it returned in 2019 as stage 4 cancer.

Initially, the actress tried to hide her struggles and diagnosis because she did not want to gain sympathy from people and wanted to work as hard as any healthy person.

Source: Instagram@theshando
Cancer survivor Shannen Doherty

Doherty revealed in her interview:

“One of the reasons, along with Luke, that I did ‘90210’ and didn’t really tell anybody because I thought, people can look at that other people with stage four can work too”.

The survivor’s decades-long acting career and survival of cancer have led to her acceptance of her appearance. Shannen claims that she knows her flaws but has learned to accept her beauty.

“I love that I’ve lived and that my face reflects my life. I survived a lot yes cancer but more than that. I embrace me now. Finally.”

Note: Please keep in mind that we are not implying or accusing anyone of having cosmetic procedures. We are just sharing information and fans’ and celebrities’ reactions to the topic.

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