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Robin McGraw Addresses Her Plastic Surgery Rumors, Find Out What She Says

Robin McGraw is an American author who is recognized as the number-one New York Times Best Selling author. However, she is also well known to the crowd as Dr. Phil McGraw’s wife. Robyn, who was born on December 28, 1953, in Los Angeles, California, is now on her mid-60s, but she doesn’t even look like on her 40s.

So people claim she has done plastic surgeries to keep herself look young. And the claims are agreeable as well because you won’t see a single sign of aging on her face. So, we have gathered some information about the possible procedures she underwent to keep her look intact.

Robin McGraw’s Plastic Surgery, Our Opinion

Robin McGraw’s comparison pictures for possible plastic surgery.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

It’s apparent from the picture above, McGraw, indeed, went under the knife. As pictured on the left, which is from her 40s, shows her face showing wrinkle lines around her cheeks and area around the eyes. 

But if you look on the picture on the right, which is more recent, all her wrinkles are concealed, the area around her eyes which was sunken before now seems fuller. So, there are likely high chances the author used Botox injections. 

Robin, moreover, may also have opted for chin correction surgery as recently her chin looks more round and defined than it was before. Not to forget, Robin’s face looks surprisingly charming on recent days. 

What Robin McGraw Says About Her Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Robin McGraw, the wife to Dr. Phil McGraw and New York Times’ best selling author, declined plastic surgery rumors; however, she opened up about her cosmetic procedure.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

Of late, the New York Times best selling author opened about her changed appearance and addressed the rumors of her plastic surgery. Dr. Phil’s wife, talking to one of the media outlets, said she, indeed, took the help of cosmetic procedure for her newfound beautiful, radiant face.

According to the Stitcher, Robin underwent a eyebrow transplant. The author said, “It brought my entire face into proportion. In my opinion, it actually changed my look. I hated my eyebrows so much that I wore bangs to cover them. Because of you and my eyebrow transplant, I let my bangs grow out, and I was so happy.”

According to the experts, eyebrows are such a defining feature of the face and are crucial to framing the face. If they start too far or if they are just missing in different places, it just changes the whole look.”

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Robin, however, claimed she did not go any other procedure or surgery to change the look of her face. The change came from a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. 

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