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Rising Model Amelia Hamlin, Daughter Of Lisa Rinna Faces Plastic Surgery Allegations

Amelia Gray Hamlin is a rising American actress and model. She is known for her appearances in reality shows such as Rachel & the TreeSchoolers , Harry Loves Lisa, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Among people, she is known as the daughter of stage and TV/movie actor Harry Hamlin and actress and writer Lisa Rinna.

Amelia Hamlin has been surrounded by plastic surgery rumors time and again. Whether her alleged lip fillers or br**st reduction occurred at a young age following an infection, Hamlin is always questioned about these allegations. The full story is here.

Has Amelia Hamlin Had Lip Fillers?

Amelia Hamlin sparked plastic surgery rumors back when she was dating Scott Disick and she was spotted with the famous Kardashian plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Diamond.

She shared an Instagram story with a doctor and wrote, “The man, the myth, the legend himself, @drjasondiamond, my [favorite] doctor’s appointment.

Source: Instagram@ameliagray
Amelia Hamlin sparks plastis surgery rumors

Later, the photo sparked huge plastic surgery claims, but the model denied all the allegations.

It wasn’t the first time people assumed she was having surgery. She has always been accused of having lip fillers.

However, Amelia has always denied the rumors and claimed that she is naturally gifted with plump lips.

Back in 2018, she also clapped back at a fan who questioned her for having plastic surgery at such a young age. She was 16 at that time.

Source: Instagram@problematicfame
Amelia Hamlin-before and after picture of her showcasing her lips

In an Instagram comment, she wrote:

“Aw thanks! Actually I was just born blessed. You can’t even get a b**b job till you’re done growing and you’re 18. same with your lips or any plastic surgery! Don’t you have better things to do than assume a 16 year old with blessed b**bs and lips has gotten everything done.

Also, she further wrote:

“Don’t insult my mother just because I was born with big b**bs and big lips. Hope your karma isn’t as bad as your insults”.

Mother Lisa Rinna Defends Daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin Over Plastic Surgery Allegations

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna has defended her daughter Amelia Gray over her lip fillers.

She shared an Instagram story of a black-and-white photo of her 21-year-old daughter as a baby.

Similarly, she wrote, “she always had the most beautiful lips.”

Lisa Rinna is not new to plastic surgery rumors, as she is always surrounded by one rumor after another.

Source: YouTube-The List
Lisa Rinna After having lip fillers

The reality star has always been open about her procedures. She has admitted to having lip fillers at the age of 24.

Back in 2020, Rinna decided to redo her lips after they started getting worse. She opted for lip reconstruction surgery in 2020 and had some of the silicone from her lip removed and recontoured.

Rinna is also rumored of having rhinoplasty, brow lifts, botox, facial fillers, and others.

Why Amelia Hamlin Had Br**st Reduction At 16?

Amelia underwent a br**st reduction surgery at age 16 after being diagnosed with possible sepsis due to an infected ni**le piercing.

According to her, it was “the worst thing” she had ever been through.

In her podcast interview on the “Skinny Confidential: Him & Her” podcast, the rising actress stated:

“I had a 104 fever. 104. My left b**b was out to here. I was 16 and had mastitis, whatever that is. It was the worst thing I’ve ever been through”.

She contined:

“I went to the emergency room, they told me, ‘You have a kidney infection.’ No, I didn’t have a kidney infection. I had to go to Cedars [Sinai [hospital’s] special disease doctor and he was like, ‘Yeah, you have strep in your left breast.’”

Source: Instagram@problematicfame
Amelia Hamlin had br**st reduction at 16 following an infection

By the time she reached the specialist, she was 12 hours away from going into sepsis; hence, they had to surgically remove some of her chests.

“The ni**le piercing [was] being pulled [and] caused a small abrasion in my body,” Amelia recalled. “I already had the strep living in my system and then it went to that part of my body because it was an open wound. When I tell you, my b**bs were this big. And I, like, didn’t just get those down naturally. I had to fully get surgery.”

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Know More About Amelia Hamlin

What is her age and height?

Amelia Hamlin was born on June 13, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, USA, to Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin. Delilah Hamlin is her sister, and they have a half-brother, Dimitri Hamlin.

Source: Instagram@lisarinna
Amelia Hamlin’s parents TV/movie actor Harry Hamlin and actress and writer Lisa Rinna.

As of now, her age is 21 and her listed height is 5′ 9″ (175 cm).

What does Amelia Hamlin do for a living?

She is a rising actress and model. She has worked on Rachel & the TreeSchoolers (2012), Harry Loves Lisa (2010) and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2010).

How much is her net worth?

According to the sources, she is currently worth $500,000. Her modeling gigs and reality show appearances are her primary income sources.

Source: Instagram@ameliagray
Amelia Hamlin: Net Worth Details

Amelia also makes a considerable sum from sponsorships, endorsements, and brand deals.

Similarly, her father, Henry Hamlin, has a net worth estimated to be around $10 million, while her mother, Lisa Rinna, has a net worth of $8 million.

Is she still dating Scott Disick?

Amelia Hamlin’s most public and controversial relationship was with businessman and reality star Scott Disick.

The couple’s relationship was all over the news because of the obvious huge age gap, his connection with the Kardashians (as a former boyfriend and baby daddy of Kourtney), and also both Henry and Lisa’s “objection” over the relationship.

The two started dating in October 2020 and were very public about their relationship.

Source: YouTube
Amelia Hamlin and former boyfriend Scott Disick

After almost one year, the couple split in September 2021.

Who is her current boyfriend?

As of 2023, Hamlin has kept her relationship very private, which is why there are no accurate details on her current boyfriend.

Since there is no official confirmation, we can assume she is single at the moment.

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