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‘RHONY’s Sonja Morgan’s Plastic Surgery Details — The Procedures and Cost

If you noticed Sonja Morgan‘s appearance on the current season of The Real Housewives of New York a little different from her Instagram photos, don’t worry, you guessed it. Morgan’s had not-so-subtle plastic surgery procedures in between that too hard to not ignore.

And she knows that pretty well. Well enough to admit it in public too. Although, we have to say it was not much of a surprise. She just needed to align the rumors that were already there. She’s not the first Real Housewife to have opted for plastic surgery after all.

Morgan may be a single mom, but she’s certainly a house girl, encouraging people to stay in during the quarantine. She’s got her eyes on some people though. And the plastic surgery endeavor may or may not have been a part of her dating process, she just feels great, agree or not.

$75,000 Face & Neck Lift for Sonja Morgan After Filming Season 12 to “Pick Me Up” from Gravity

Morgan dished out about her life-changing procedures with Justin Sylvester of E! Online‘s Daily Pop before taking her confession on to Instagram. “There’s been speculation around my fresh new look,” she wrote on her before-and-after plastic surgery picture. “I got a lower facelift and neck lift after wrapping Season 12.”

The doctor himself said she was blown away by the result.
Photo Source: Sonja Morgan, Instagram

New York’s Dr. Andrew Jacono got her the $75,000 facelift and neck lift that added the anti-gravity feature to Morgan’s face. But she says it’s not like the casual facelifts people get, noting “he goes under the muscle, which keeps the skin attached to the muscle so all the blood vessels are still attached and very vibrant and alive.”

The main thing is that “it lifts the face vertically against gravity. Not pulled back to the ears, stretching the corners of the mouth, to avoid that dreaded ‘wind tunnel’ look.”

She got the procedure just before the quarantine, meaning she’s got her four months’ time to recover, but she says it will last approximately 10 to 12 years versus a traditional facelift. Dr. Jacano confirms it was just to give her a natural-looking revamp with a minimal access deep plane extended facelift and accompanying neck lift. He was stunned himself.

There Was Plastic Surgery Consideration for Morgan in 2019

The fans have been quite forthcoming and supportive of her new face. But it’s not like she’s not considered plastic surgery in the past as well. In fact, she admitted in 2019 that cosmetic procedures are a part of her life, referring to Botox with “in this day and age, the surgery and getting things fixed is part of my self-care.”

Her thoughts on body image also took a turn-around in 2019.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes, Bravo/NBCUniversal

She was looking to embrace her curves and even exclaimed she liked it when she put on a little weight. She did also talk about liposuction, saying it isn’t in her cards anymore.

“Where I felt in this day and age I went too far is to do liposuction,” she told Us Weekly back then. “I don’t think it’s in anymore. You don’t really need to have that. If your doctor says do it, do it. I just had the doughnut around my belly button taken off, but why bother?”

What’s next for her? Well, the quarantine has to be over first. Till then, stay inside, as you praised her for encouraging a while back.

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