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RHON Star Leah McSweeney Shares Her Plastic Surgery Details

Leah McSweeney is an American television personality and fashion designer. She is known for appearing in the popular reality show, The Real Housewives of New York City in 2020.

Similarly, she founded the women’s streetwear line Married to the Mob in 2004.

The fashionista is also known for her voracious personality. She never shies away from revealing her true self. For example, while many public figures hide their plastic surgery past, she openly and proudly talks about it.

In fact, the 39-year-old mother of one also showed her scars after having surgeries.

Celebrity rarely shows their vulnerable sides and it is quite refreshing to witness someone who is not afraid of the truth.

So, what plastic surgeries, Leah McSweeney has had over the years? Let’s find out.

Leah McSweeney Plastic Surgeries Details

As mentioned earlier, McSweeney has always been honest about her plastic surgery past.

In September 2020, the reality star via Instagram story stated that she would always maintain honesty about her procedures.

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Leah McSweeney plastic surgery details

She said:

“I’m just never going to be one of those that pretends it’s not work, it’s contour makeup because that’s weird.”

The reality star in an interview also talked about how there is so much lying about plastic surgeries in the industry.

“Everyone has a right to their own privacy, but if you weren’t going to be selling products based on how you look and you look the way you look, not really because of that product, but because of a $100,000 worth of surgery, I think it’s fair to be honest about it.”

She also talked about the importance of honesty.

“I think it’s fair to be honest about it. I know in certain places in Europe, they made it totally illegal to filter pictures and things like advertisements. The more we hide things or the more we don’t talk about them, the more dangerous they become. I think it’s important to be honest—especially when you’re in the public eye.”

Some of her procedures are:

Rhinoplasty Aka Nose Job

The fashion designer Leah confirmed having a nose job in September 2020. The procedure helps to change the shape and size of a nose.

It also helps in breathing and to maintain other nose-related issues.

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Leah McSweeney revealed having nose job via Instagram

The RHONY star stated:

“I am not trying to hide anything from anybody. I got a rhinoplasty and a septoplasty. I could not be happier,”

She further said:

“I’ve been wanting one for so freaking long and now I can also breathe, which is great.”

A good rhinoplasty will last a lifetime and can cost $5,409 on average.

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The Married to the Mob founder McSweeney also had Septoplasty. It is a surgery for treating nasal blockage.

It also helps to treat long-term sinusitis, remove nasal polyps, and treat other conditions that block the nasal airway.

The procedure can cost anywhere from $5,152 to $12,633.

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Botox And Lip Filler

The fashion star Leah McSweeney has also talked about having botox and lip fillers in the past.

She revealed the procedures helped her feel confident and beautiful.

A Botox helps treat wrinkles and facial creases. It is mostly used on crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines.

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Leah McSweeney Botox and lip filler analysis

The process takes only a few minutes and can last 3 to 6 months.

Reportedly, a single unit of Botox costs around $10 to $15, and the treatment can include 30 to 40 units.

Similarly, lip filler is a type of dermal filler which helps to increase the volume of one’s lips.

The process typically lasts 12 to 18 months and can cost between $500 and $1000 depending upon the treatment.

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Br*ast Argumentation And List

Leah McSweeney in December 2020 revealed having a b**b job. She in her now-deleted Instagram post stated:

“As I lay here for days recovering from my Xmas b**b lift and augmentation (yes it’s a skims velour suit and it feels like heaven) all I can wonder is how the f the Kardashians find the time to recover from all their work”.

She further said:

“The other thing is…I can’t wait to show off the new and improved girls.”

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Leah McSweeney b**b job analysis

Br*ast Argumentation is surgery to increase breast size that involves placing br*ast implants under the br*ast tissue or chest muscles.

The impact can last 20 years or more. Similarly, as per the sources, the process cost can range from $6,000 to $12,000.

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