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RHOBH Alum Sutton Stracke-Her Plastic Surgery Analysis And Beauty Evolution

Sutton Stracke is an American socialite, businesswoman and television personality. She rose to fame for her appearance on the Bravo reality series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

As the title suggests, Sutton often comes under the target for her cosmetic enhancement speculations. So, are the rumors true? Let’s find out.

Sutton Stracke Plastic Surgery Analysis

Being a celebrity is not easy; with good talents, you must have good looks – that’s how the glam industry works. This has been a long-standing problem for celebrities, especially females.

Here get plastic surgery details of other reality stars such as Adrienne MaloofAlexia UmanskySanela Diana Jenkins, and Faye Resnick.

Sutton Stracke is a 51-year-old television personality. She started getting tons of speculations from people because of her youthful appearance in her 50s.

Many people are convinced the reality star has ‘changed’ her appearance. However, Sutton has always denied the rumors.

In one comment section of her Instagram posts, one of the fans wrote about Sutton: “Someone got work done.” She responded, “Hell no!!!!!”.

Some of her speculated procedures are:

Botox-Revealed Fellow RHOBH Star Kyle Richards ‘Dragged’ Her to Get One

The 51-year-old reality star Stracke revealed that she has done Botox but only after being dragged by the fellow reality star Kyle Richards.

Source: Instagram @suttonstracke
Sutton Stracke revealed getting a Botox

In her 2022 interview, she said:

“I had never gotten Botox before. “I was 47, and I had never done it! Kyle dragged me to go get Botox with Nurse Jamie.”

Stracke continued, explaining that she only gets a tiny bit of the injection as suggested by their nurse.

However, Stracke, a fan of Botox, said that she did not want to get one earlier as she wanted to set an example for her daughter.

“I have a daughter and so I want to make sure that she learns from me. The biggest lesson is that looks are secondary. Who you are as a person is first and how you live your life, being a leader and leading by example is what’s most important.”

Botox is an injection used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. They also help to treat neck spasms, overactive bladder, and excessive sweating.

The procedure generally lasts 3 to 4 months and costs $300 per injection on average in the United States.

While she is plastic surgery-free, this is not the case for other celebrities. Nowadays, many public figures have gone under the knife. According to recent data, the most common surgeries among celebrities are-


Rhinoplasty or Nose Job is the surgical improvement in the nose’s appearance. Sometimes, it is also performed for the treatment of difficulty in breathing.

Source: YouTube @NewBeauty Magazine
Changes in nose by Rhinoplasty

An average rhinoplasty cost is $5,483 in the United States.


Facelift is a process of pulling back the facial muscles to reconstruct to their liking, more often for trying to de-age.

Source: Instagram @Kao Plastic Surgery
Picture showing before(L) and after(R) facelift

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average cost of a facelift was estimated between $7,400 to $8,000.


Likewise, the Liposuction procedure uses suction to remove extra fat from a specific body part like hips, thighs, arms, neck or others.

According to the 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of Liposuction is $3,637.

Lip Filler

Basically, lip filler is the non-surgical lip injection procedure. Lip injections mean a procedure of filling lips to make them plumper.

Source: YouTube @Tasha Leelyn
Picture showing before(L) and right after(R) lip filler

In today’s context, the procedure can cost between $600–$800.

Some other details of Sutton Stracke

What is the age of Sutton Stracke?

Sutton Stracke is an American socialite, businesswoman and television personality. Stracke is known for appearing on the Bravo reality show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

She was born in 1971 in Augusta, Georgia. So, as of now, she is 51 years old.

Who is the husband of Sutton Stracke?

The television personality Sutton Stracke was married to Christian Stracke. Christian is a worker in PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company). The couple tied a knot in 2000 but got divorced after sixteen years in 2016.

Similarly, the pair have three children- daughter Porter Stracke and sons Philip Stracke and James Stracke. The kids have also appeared on the Bravo reality show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

What had happened to Sutton Stracke’s leg?

Peope witnessed Sutton Stracke’s leg injury on the September 22nd episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In the show, Sutton explained to Lisa Rinna that she had suffered from a very bad sprained ankle due to an injury caused by dancing.

Later, Sutton went to the hospital for an X-ray and returned from the hospital in a wheelchair and crutches. She said to Garcella Beauvais-

“It’s hurting, but when I take, like, the Motrin and stuff, I’m not in pain. I just can’t put any weight on it.”

Source: Instagram @suttonstracke
Sutton Stracke during her leg injury on the trip

Afterward, Sutton revealed her pain during the injury in an interview.

“I had a pretty bad injury. I was in a boot and a wheelchair and a scooter and all kinds of things. It’s healed [now]. It’s still not as mobile as I’d like it to be, but we’re getting there.”

How Much is Sutton Stracke’s Net worth?

As mentioned earlier, Sutton Stracke rose to fame by appearing on the Bravo show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Also, Stracke owns and operates a boutique in West Hollywood called SUTTON.

The reality star has a net worth of $50 million..

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