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Revealing The Secrets Of Brad Pitt, 58, And His Past Surgery

Brad Pitt, the two-time People Magazine’s “sexiest man alive,” is still going strong in his late 50s.

He is as attractive, handsome, and sexy as ever. Some people, however, do not believe it is all-natural.

Many rumors surround the actor and his alleged plastic surgery procedures; are they true? What procedures has the father of six opted for?

Brad Pitt And His Plastic Surgery Past

Many people believe that the Seven alum started going under the knife following his public fallout with his then-wife Angelina Jolie.

Pitt and Jolie had a very public divorce trial in 2007, which reportedly caused the former a great deal of stress, hastening his aging process.

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Brad Pitt-The One And Only

At the same time, fans started noticing Brad Pitt’s changing face. Though the actor has not addressed the allegations, there are a few assumptions regarding his past surgery process.

Fillers And Botox

Pitt, the star of 12 Monkeys, is said to have fillers and Botox on his face. Dr. Steve Fallek, an NJ plastic surgeon, told “Life & Style” regarding the actor’s plastic surgery:

“His forehead looks smoother, so most likely he got Botox. He also looks to have had some filler in the cheeks and around the mouth to improve those lines, a laser or peel to improve skin texture, and maybe some filler in the lower eye area.”

Botox is a non-surgical procedure that is used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

The procedure generally lasts 3 to 4 months and costs $300 per injection on average in the United States.

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Before and After picture of Brad Pitt focusing on his plastic surgery journey

Fillers, on the other hand, are gel-like substances that are injected into the skin of the face to restore lost volume, smooth lines, and enhance facial contours.

Deep injections may last as long as 12 months and can cost $600 to over $2000 per treatment on average.

Here is the Plastic surgery details of other celebrities such as Adriana de MouraAlexia NepolaMarysol PattonCristy RicePatrick Dempsey, and Robert Pattinson.

Brad Pitt Is Rumored To Have Blepharoplasty And Laser Resurfacing

Similarly, Pitt from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is said to have had blepharoplasty and laser resurfacing.

In an interview with Dr. Manish Shah, a popular plastic surgeon, he revealed that “it certainly appears that he has had eyelid surgery on both his upper and lower lids.” Cosmetic eyelid surgery.

He also added:

“He may have had some laser resurfacing under his eyes to smooth out wrinkling and Botox at the corners of his eyes to smooth out crow’s feet. Not only does this give him a more alert appearance, but it shaves years off his age and looks natural”.

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a procedure to improve the appearance of one’s eyelid. It is also for medical reasons, such as improving one’s vision.

Upper eyelid surgery can last up to seven years, while lower eyelid surgery rarely needs to be repeated.

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Brad Pitt’s alleged plastic surgery details

According to 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of cosmetic eyelid surgery is $4,120.

Similarly, the actor is also said to have had laser resurfacing, which is yet another procedure that reduces facial wrinkles along with irregularities of the skin such as acne scars or blemishes.

It can be done with an ablative laser (a type of laser that removes the thin outer layer of skin) or a nonablative laser or light source, which is a less aggressive approach than the former type.

The average cost of laser skin resurfacing is $2,509 for ablative and $1,445 for non-ablative procedures.

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