Reality Star Jenni Farley Aka JWoww- Plastic Surgery Analysis And Before And After Pictures

An American reality television personality Jennifer Lynn Farley popularly known as JWoww, gained the limelight as a cast member of the MTV reality series Jersey Shore and its spin-off series Snooki & JWoww.

She has also appeared on other shows like One Life to Live (2013), and The Mint (2015)
Jersey shore star has rocked the glam industry with her stunning looks for many years.

She has undergone a drastic transformation over the years: her style, body, and face.

Please find out about all the beauty procedures and plastic surgery, J-Woww has done to maintain her beauty.

JWoww- Plastic Surgery Analysis

Jenni Farley, aka JWoww, is also a Graphic designer and club promoter. She has always been known for her voluptuous figure and her gorgeous face.

The television personality has been pretty open with cosmetic works and transformations on her body.
She has admitted to following procedures.

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Br**st Augmentation-

Firth thing that Jwoww had done is something she is well-known for and that she’s been so open about over the years, and that is her br**st enhancements. She actually said that she got them done so big that they are at a size 32F.

She revealed that she had b**bs enhancement for her 21st birthday.

Source: Instagram @jwoww
Jenni Farley’s recent picture

The process of br**st augmentation is mainly done to increase the size of the br**st and can last 10 to 12 years on average.

The total cost can range from $6,000 to $12,000, which includes surgeon’s fee, medical tests, anesthesia, medications etc.

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Lip Fillers And Botox-

The 36-year-old actress has never been ashamed to open up about having plastic surgery. She has done lip fillers throughout her Jersey Shore journey.

The procedure helps change the lip’s size and volume, costing between $500 and $1000. It can last for one-to-two years.

As clearly seen in the picture below, her lip looks plump and bigger.

Source: Instagram @jwoww
Jenni Farley before and after pictures

She has also done Botox to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead. Jen stated:

I’m 31 years old and not getting any younger. I’m going to do the non-invasive surgeries and things like that to stay youthful so I don’t, when I’m like 50,60,70 have to do the more dramatic ones.”

Well, her statements are clear and definitely explain all the work she has done to her face.

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Skin Tightening, Hydra Facials And Cellulite Work-

In “Jershey Shore” YouTube channel, the The Mint star, revealed her beauty secret.

“Hey guys it’s Jenny. I have to go to my favorite person’s office and that is my plastic surgeon. I am not feeling a faceless, I am not getting a nose job but I am going to get some skin tightening and maybe some cellulite work.”

She continued-

“My philosophy is if you want to get something done to make yourself feel better then do it whether it’s a hydro facial like I’m getting done today or your b**bs which I’ve also gotten done or your lips like Nicole (her bestfriend).”

Source: YouTube @Jersey Shore
Jenni Farley having Skin Tightening, Hydra Facials And Cellulite Work

Besides these surgeries, she has not mentioned any of the procedures. In an interview with People, the TV star says she doesn’t like getting work done on her face.

I don’t like touching my face only because I’m always scared you can never go back. All those nose jobs and cheek implants and stuff like that, people get those and can never go back to what they were. I love my nose.

Additionally, the mother of two has also done facial fillers underneath her eyes and cheek area. This is to keep her appearance youthful and refreshed at all times.

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