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Rachel Bilson’s Plastic Surgery Rumors That Are Hard to Prove; Very Hard

Rachel Bilson is almost 40, but she doesn’t look the part, does she? She is enjoying her life as a single mom, or as a not-so-single one. She was not having it any easy for dating either, with a child to take care of, and if she did, she wouldn’t just tell the world either.

However, she did seemingly confirm she and Bill Hader were an item after appearing on the red carpet together in January 2020. But her decade-long marriage to Hayden Christensen was a more significant one. And if she’s out there, she sure knows how to maintain that glowing look for as long as she wants to.

It’s all well and good that she does, but for some, it takes only a smidgen for people to believe it might be thanks to some plastic surgery procedure they chose sometime in their career. And for Bilson, there hasn’t been so much of a rumor for plastic surgery, seeing as though her beauty seems too natural to be artificial at all.

For Plastic Surgery, Rachel Bilson Is Thought to Have Had a Nose Job, Among a Few Others

Rachel Bilson’s been in some iconic shows over the years, the likes of The O.C., Hart of Dixie, Take Two, and even How I Met Your Mother. So yeah, her fans have known how she’s evolved through the years.

16 years apart, makeup is the only thing changing. Her nose? Be the judge.
Photo Credits: Jesse Grant, Getty Images / Jon Kopaloff, WireImage

However, she hasn’t been thought to have gotten plastic surgery during her career, but rather way before she became prominent in the entertainment industry. Nose job, for one thing, has been one of those rumors, considering her nose has been a little slimmer than before.

She’s also been thought to have had a b**b job, but that remains baseless as ever. But so does her plastic surgery rumor related to her nose. She has, however, changed her hair a little, like adding golden highlights to the end of it during that Bill Hader-accompaniment at the 2020 Golden Globes.

She Regrets Turning Her Hair Half-Orange Once; Plus She Never Wears Makeup at Home

Like any self-respecting celebrity, Bilson also chooses a little sophisticated makeup routine for herself. She always makes sure to keep her face hydrated when in front of cameras, but as soon as she gets the chance, she takes off her makeup.

Bilson can’t live without ‘ChapStick Total Hydration Moisture + Tint’.
Photo Credit: Gregg DeGuire, Getty Images

Yes, unlike any celebrity, she does not like putting on makeup for a long time, especially at home. During an interview with Allure, she revealed that she only wears ChapStick at home (she was a spokesperson for the brand, and the only beauty product she couldn’t live without).

One beauty trend she regrets taking on the most was when she turned her hair half orange with Sun-In spray. But with that, her choice of taking on any beauty trend ended. She says she wants to “look very natural” and “stay away from doing things that could give me a fake look, like lip plumping or collagen.”

Yeah, the old “just don’t give people anyone to speculate anything” about plastic surgery.

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