Quentin Tarantino Inflamed for the Use of N-Word

Quentin Tarantino targeted for the Use of N-Word!

One of the iconic American directors, Quentin Tarantino, is claimed to be infuriating the use of ‘N’ word with pressure to remove late 1939 movie ‘Gone With The Wind.’

The Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley – who commenced the calls for Gone With The Wind to be removed from a streaming service – has scrutinized Quentin for his “painful and infuriating” use of the n-word. 

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John, famous for writing the 2013 period drama 12 Years A Slave, recently called WarnerMedia to take down the movie from its HBO Max platform temporarily. He argued its depiction of slavery in the pre-Civil War American South reinforced harmful stereotypes of people of color.

Tarantino’s work has been cited on social media due to the ongoing renewed debate on race and culture. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood filmmaker, who is white, is now criticized for his past liberal use of racial epithets in his cinemas.

Television personality John Ridley.
Image Source: Deadline

Novelist and screenwriter Ridley told the PA news agency Tarantino “in some ways luxuriates in the word,” adding “it’s not used in a particular context, it’s just used to be used.”

On the other hand, Tarantino’s spokespeople did not respond to are yet to respond to the comment; however, he has addressed the criticism previously as shown in the above clip.

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