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‘Queen of Pop’ Madonna’s Plastic Surgeries Will Surprise You. Know All The Details Here!!!

‘Queen of Pop’ Madonna is famous for heart-touching lyrics and music talent. Although, she may never come on the same level as Cher or Michael Jackson but she has been respected as the perfect vocalist in the United States. The work of the queen also happens to inspire a lot of other artists.

As of late, the newspapers and online journals came out with the recommendation that Madonna may have experienced some enhancing procedures to keep up her looks young and fresh.

Madonna Botox Implants and Facelift 

The ‘Hung Up’ singer was speculated to have Botox Implants and other surgeries. The drastic changes are seen on her before and after photos, compare from the given pictures.

Madonna before and after Botox Implants and Facelift
Image Source: We Hear It

The ‘Queen of Pop’ has several times encountered the questions regarding her surgery. But she seems to ignore them. She has also been found to explain her beauty as the result of her gene and proper exercise. Her flawless skin gives us the idea that she may have inject Botox and followed some other procedures. The surgeon also is quite in a dilemma about her youthful appearance even at her old age.

Her pictures have shown some effects of her surgery and the rumors are raised among the fans. She also seems to remove her excess fats from her body which has made her young and cheerful.

Cheek Surgery

Some other methods  she has been rumored Cheek implants as she has round cheeks as though she is a young lady. Experts say this must be the result of using macrobiotics and hyaluronic corrosive.

Madonna before and after Cheek surgery
Image Source: Pinterest

She has also been said to have used some cream for her round cheeks. She also told that her drinks and foods have a lot of effect on her appearance. Some surgeon also has pointed out about her eyelids as well.(Compare from Instagram)

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty), and Necklift

Madonna is also supposed to have nose work. The rumors started in the late eighties. The surgeon showed some interest in her surgery when she was trying to get rid from the gossipy tidbits. The scars around her nose also support the possibility of her having Rhinoplasty.

Madonna before and after Nose Job (Rhinoplasty), and Necklift
Image Source: Plastic Surgery

However, the surgery has favored her and made her more attractive than  before. The effects of her surgery are also seen on her jaws and neck.

Lastly, after the Oscar service in 2009, audiences suggest that the singer may have performed neck lift f for tightening the skin. However, she hasn’t yet confirmed us with the facts behind the rumors or deny it. But if you notice you can identify it from her pictures.

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