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Plastic Surgeon Terry Dubrow’s Regretted Plastic Surgery Choice

Terry Dubrow is often on the other side of the doctor’s table when it comes to plastic surgery. And when discussing plastic surgery on the Real Housewives crew, the camera usually pans to the ladies. It’s a different case at certain times like these.

As a plastic surgeon himself, Dr. Dubrow knows what plastic surgery can lead to when it is done when completely unnecessary. And of course, we’re inclined to admit we’ve seen so many such examples in and outside the Hollywood.

Botched doesn’t really describe Dr. Dubrow as it does his show, he has admitted once to have been too overboard with a particular procedure last year. Meanwhile, his wife, The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Heather Dubrow, has had her share of plastic surgery talks too, with such an expert on the side.

Terry Dubrow Bowed Down to Overdoing Fillers But Still Adhered to Botox

Terry Dubrow maybe a little softie, but on the flip side, his sense of humor was amazing when it came to his plastic surgery confession last year. The rumor began in late 2018 and spiked in early 2019 during the press appearances for his book on diet, The Dubrow Diet, he wrote with his wife.

He was definitely radiating something different here.
Photo Credit: Roy Rochlin, Getty Images

The buzz was too huge as everyone blasted him for using too much Botox and fillers on his face. Yeah, he knew what was going on there. Even he had to admit it was too much on him. Well, he did. But it took him almost a year to do so.

“I had a lot of filler put in and it became my narrative in the media for about three weeks,” the doctor told Page Six in November 2019. “But you know what? It’s worn off. Get over it. Stop ragging on me.”

His sense of humor kicked in as he continued to love Botox. “[My face] is not good anyway, but it’s not due to fillers. Leave me alone. I did Botox a week ago. Look, I now can’t move my face.”

Dubrow Thinks Plastic Surgery Is Barbaric for Still Not Having Non-Evasive Methods

Granted there are non-evasive methods of plastic surgery and Botox isn’t even categorically considered plastic surgery, Terry Dubrow is astounded by the fact that, through the years of his study and practice, the industry still hasn’t gotten further than “scalpels and stitches”.

The pair attempt to correct plastic surgery disasters on ‘Botched’. Yeah.
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“When I was in medical school, I was like, ‘I can’t imagine, past the year 2000, they’re still going to be using scalpels and stitches, how barbaric’,” he discussed with Botched partner Dr. Paul Nassif around the same time he admitted to overdoing fillers.

“And what are we doing in 2019, 2020? Scalpels. Stitches. Yet you can talk to someone in China on your phone in three seconds, and we’re still using scalpels and stitches,” he envied the other fields of science. “It’s absurd.”

For a plastic surgeon to talk down on his own practice, it comes a little weird, but he does think, or at least wish, there will be no scalpels and stitches used to tighten the skin. Also, if you have a choice between the real-world plastic surgery and a filter app to virtually make it look like it, Dubrow bows down to the apps.

“If you had to make a choice between a surgical procedure that has expense and risks of complications versus using a filter or app — use the app,” he dishes out on his practice. “Stay away from plastic surgery, a lot cheaper and doesn’t do any harm.”

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