Naomi Campbell Is Adamant in Avoiding Plastic Surgery Completely

If there’s one thing Paulina Porizkova and Naomi Campbell agree on, it’s that they both hate plastic surgery. Well, once, if they’re still not hating each other now. Yeah, strong word, but Porizkova did say she has “nothing kind to say about Naomi.”

We would rather like to forget people saying “she’s a monster” who “fought with everyone on set” of The Face, but insiders like these popping up, it’s hard to ignore. Or like the time when she refused to pay a £200 bill to a hotel for burning their silk sheets just because she had a £10,000-a-night night-out with former billionaire partner Vladislav Doronin.

All things aside, Campbell isn’t too thrilled about plastic surgery either. There’s a strong rejection of any kind of surgery from her, saying makeup will cover for her scars. But she does have an anti-aging, anti-plastic surgery way to go with it though.

Naomi Campbell Says Plastic Surgery for Her Is Only When She Needs It & Not to Even Fix Her Lip Scar

Plastic surgery is not something that hasn’t been discussed about Campbell since way back in the 90s. And she was tired of those discussions. In 2005, she came on about it to deny ever having work done on her, insisting sobriety, exercise and her family genes were how she got her looks.

She’s nothing but herself.
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“I don’t see myself as gorgeous and I’m fed up with people saying I’ve had plastic surgery and lipo,” she said back then. “I don’t need it because black don’t crack. My grandmother has fantastic genes and only has about one wrinkle.”

She repeated her statement in 2011 when interviewed by Piers Morgan, also saying she’d only get plastic surgery when she absolutely needs to. “Not when I look at my mother and my grandmother, no. I’ve never done my t*ts, nothing. If I had a bad accident, then sure. But otherwise, no.”

She’s a stickler for her principle, that’s for sure. But she did say she did not care much if girls decided to get plastic surgery anyway. In another interview, she spoke of how she denied having any work done for her scar in her upper lip that she got when she was a child.

“Listen, I have a scar,” she said in an interview on iPower. “I had a scar on my upper right lip since I was three years old. And I mean, when I first came to New York, my agent said to me at the time we have to get that done and my mother said ‘No.’ And I’ve never had it done. And makeup will cover it and that’s the way it is. I think if you want to get plastic surgery for yourself personally, that’s up to you and do whatever makes you feel good. But to do it for a job? No.”

Rumor Has It She Doesn’t Allow Anyone Else to Apply Makeup on Her

To clarify, makeup is not the only thing that she uses as a trick to plastic surgery alternatives. In fact, she is so stern about it that she didn’t let anyone use makeup on her. She insists on doing it herself. And the staff of The Face apparently found it rude.

She’s known to have that fiery character almost everywhere.
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In addition to that, she also allegedly tapes back her face skin and then hide the tape with her weave. “She’s taping her face skin back, which makes it look tighter, and hiding the evidence with her fabulous wigs,” the source told [email protected].

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The source further told NY Daily News, “She’s now not allowing anyone to do her makeup. She was taught by Kevyn Aucoin and thinks she knows better than everyone. She gets upset with them, then does it herself.”

Wow, don’t know how to respond to that.

And Once, She Sued a Cosmetic Surgeon for Over £50,000 for Using Her Name for Advertisement

The fierceness of her personality is seen in the lawsuits she files. Sites like Mirror have felt the burn of it. And when a cosmetic surgeon used her name in his list of clients, with a large-size photo of her in Hello! Magazine. There were two articles that insinuated that she might have endorsed him.

His client list is impressive but does not include Campbell.
Photo Source: Evening Standard

Imagine the fire in her when she learned of the Frenchman, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. For someone dubbed the “King of Botox”, he wasn’t getting out of this one. Her legal firm, Schillings, affirmed that she was not endorsing his products.

“The articles in Hello! give the impression that she endorses his products, which she does not,” a close source mentioned. “That is why she has launched a pre-action disclosure.”

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Campbell was seeking at least £50,000 in her application. His clients did include Madonna, Elle Macpherson and Meg Ryan.

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