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More Or Less All Plastic Surgery Speculations of Chanel West Coast Seem True

Did Chanel West Coast has had plastic surgery? Let’s find out?

Chanel West Coast (born Chelsea Chanel Dudley) is an American singer/rapper, TV personality, and more. She is also a model. Chanel is well known for her stint on MTV’s “Rob Dyrdek‘s Fantasy Factory” and “Ridiculousness.”

The TV personality first graced our television screen when she was just 20 years old, from Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory in 2008, and she has come a long way in her all-around career. Moreover, when it comes to her look, she is nothing how she started.

While age may have something to do with her changing looks, her face and body has gone a drastic transformation over the year, following which people are convinced she had had plastic surgeries. As you already know, she never admits going under the knife, but here we are with some of our views that Chanel may have gone under the knife for.

Chanel West Coast Plastic Surgery

So, there is not just one, but plenty of speculations for Chanel West Coast’s plastic surgery. While some were pure bogus, others seemed convincing for us even. So, we have included some of the people’s claims which we are convinced of. 

Chanel West Coast Boob Job

Chanel West Coast’s Boob JobPhoto Source: Agency/GF

There’s been a lot of talks lately about Chanel West Coast’s boob job. Since pretty much all females one on the showbiz industry consider going for this procedure, it seems Chanel’s also opted for this enhancement. 

When you look at her two pictures from two different times, it’s pretty evident she had breast implants put in. Her breasts are now firmer, rounder, and bigger than they were before.

Chanel West Coast Lip Implants

Chanel West Coast’s Lip Implants
Photo Source: Agency/GF

Chanel West Coast, in fact, does seem, she may have opted for lip surgery. Her lips are now more fuller, especially the upper lip; The lips are now poutier, and nothing like how they used to look before.

Lip fillers are the most common of all cosmetic enhancement in Hollywood. Not just celebrities, but even the normal crowd seemed to be using lip fillers as at is easy, and budget-friendly. Even the healing time is a couple of hours.

Chanel West Coast’s Rhinoplasty

Chanel West Coast’s Rhinoplasty
Photo Source: Agency/GF

It’s a clear giveaway. Chanel’s nose is nothing like what it used to be before. Following rhinoplasty procedure, her new nose is more trimmer, the tip is more pointed, and nostrils are slimmed down. 

When you look at the picture on the left, her old nose was much wider, nostrils were wide, and the tip was flatter. We are convinced she did go under the knife to correct her nose.

Botox, and A Few Tweaks for Chanel West Coast

Botox, and A Few Tweaks for Chanel West Coast
Photo Source: Agency/GF

Just look at these comparison pictures, does she even look like the same person, we don’t think so. Coming at this point, it’s pretty clear she has changed a lot about her look and body. 

From the picture above, it’s clear Chanel used Botox; and it seems she corrected her jawline and chin. The side of her cheeks seemed to have shaved off a little, to give her more prominent jawline, and the same around her chin area.

Chanel’s face had a little fat around her chin and side of the cheeks, so after the procedure, her face looks more contoured, prominent jawline, and sharp chin. Moreover, when we look on the area around her eyes, it’s fuller now, perfectly balancing with her already prominent cheekbones. We must say, it’s a plastic surgery well done

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