American actress Paulet Del Castillo

‘Mixed-ish’ Actress Paulet Del Castillo

An inspiring Hollywood figure, the American actress Paulet Del Castillo took no time to win the hearts of many with her role as Micaela in Mixed-ish (2019-2021). Currently, in her teens, she made her on-screen debut at the young age of 10. Since then Castillo has totaled 7 acting credits with her 5 years in the industry- not to mention, her acting proficiency is abreast of acclaimed TV figures.

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Paulet Del Castillo Is The Youngest Of Two- What’s Her Age?

An American by nationality, Castillo comes from Spanish family background. Although she doesn’t talk much about herself in interviews, her Instagram posts do. Born in 2005, Paulet Del Castillo celebrated her 16th birthday on May 19, 2021, and posted it on Instagram.

Paulet and her elder brother Josue Del Castillo
Paulet and her elder brother Josue Del Castillo
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The Party Girl actress is the youngest of 2 children, though the detail on her parents is still low-key; she has an older brother named Josue Del Castillo (b. April 28, 1999). He is 22 years old in 2021.

Journey To Acting- Breakthrough From ‘Mixed-ish’

Paulet, who prefers to challenges her on-screen proficiency working out of her comfort zone, developed an acting interest at a young age. Then-7 years old, the future TV actress worked in her school’s musical production of Oliver. And 3 years later, she would mark her on-screen debut as a recurring cast Shay Coleman in Party Girl (2015) at the age of 10.

Moreover, in 2015, Castillo worked in Middle Witch (short film), The Suicide Squad: A Typical Tuesday, and In Solitude with Me (short film).

The teen actress got her TV breakthrough in 2019; she portrayed Micaela in Mixed-ish. The single-camera sitcom starred Tika Sumpter, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Arica Himmel, and Gary Cole. It was canceled after a 2-season run in May 2021.

Actress Paulet Del Castillo with her Mixed-ish co-stars
Actress Paulet Del Castillo with her Mixed-ish co-stars
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As per IMDB, the young star appeared as Alleluia Girl in the film La Cadena (2021).

Did you know? Castillo got the role in Mixed-ish after her agent in Los Angles suggested she tape for the audition. Moreover, the producers asked her to film the other two tapes before she earned the part.

How Much Is Net Worth Of Paulet Del Castillo?

Professional since 2015, the La Cadena actress already has 7 acting credits so far- surely talent is not a standard to be measured by age. Thanks to her on-screen venture, Paulet Del Castillo has $50,000 net worth as of 2021. Like anyone would guess, most of her fortune came through her 17-episode appearance in Mixed-ish.

Online sources suggest the brown-eyed TV figure based in the United States earned a salary of thousands of dollars per episode. Moreover, having appeared in MMMagazine and Vigour Magazine, Castillo is fond of modeling as well. She has associations with talent agencies such as Artistic Endeavors, CESD Talent Agency, Kim Dawson Agency, and CESD NY/LA Youth.

On her Instagram, the Mixed-ish star mention clothing brands Alo and Zara; from which she allegedly can sum up a considerable amount of money.

In the USA, the weekly payroll of a child actor has a base rate of $3,575, with a work-hour law of at most 8 hours on the set. A full-fledged actor can sum up to $57,000 per year on average, while the bar sets as high as millions if one is widely famous.

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More On Personal Details Of Paulet Del Castillo!

Currently, in her mid-teens, Castillo is an avid user of Instagram; her IG handle @pauletdelcastillo has more than 2.4K followers as of the 2021 fall. The actress with dark brown hair and an expressive face often shares most of her life events on the platform.

Reportedly, she started her 9th grade on August 19, 2019, and completed her school in June 2021. On an Instagram post of August 18, 2021, Paulet confirmed it was her first day at junior high school.

As for her query on love life, she is not dating anyone currently or any alleged boyfriend.

Castillo and her pet Yorkie named Mimi
Castillo and her pet Yorkie named Mimi
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An animal lover, Paulet is fond of cats and dogs; she even owns a Yorkie named Mimi Del Castillo. Seemingly as a normal teen would do, she prefers to spend time with her friends and often shares adorable pictures with them.

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