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LisaRaye McCoy, ‘The Players Club’ Actress & Businesswoman

LisaRaye McCoy is not an unheard name for Hollywood fans. The versatile lady with a height of 5 feet 6 inches is a successful American actress, model, businesswoman, and fashion designer. Most appreciated for her work in the dark comedy “The Players Club” as Diana “Diamond” Armstrong, McCoy shared the screen with Bernie Mac, Monica Calhoun, A.J. Johnson, John Amos, Alex Thomas, and so on.

Throughout her 2 decade-long running acting career, the NAACP Image Award nominee showcased her proficiency in TV works too. Her notable TV series appearances include All of Us, Single Ladies, The Family Business, and A House Divided.

Where Is LisaRaye McCoy From? Who Are Her Parents?

Born on 23rd September 1967 to a local businessman, David Ray McCoy, and a former model, Katie McCoy, the American actress goes by the nickname LRaye. She was born and brought up in Chicago, Illinois. As of 2021, she is 54 years old and still actively working in the industry.

LisaRaye McCoy when she was a child.
Childhood picture of LisaRaye McCoy.
Source: Instagram@lisarayemccoyfan

Talking about her educational journey, the half-sister of Da Brat graduated from Thornridge High School in 1986. After high school graduation, she attended and graduated from Eastern Illinois University.

As mentioned, she is a half-sister of American rapper, Shawntae Harris aka Da Bra, from her father’s another relationship with Beverly Calloway. However, her father and Beverly never married.

Excelled In TV Screen & Film Career- Breakthrough From ‘The Players Club’

Although the evergreen actress has seen huge success through big-screen movies, she made her acting debut through Television. She started by playing the role of swinger woman in the TV series “Martin” in 1995. After a year, she got a chance to act in the movie “Reasons”(1996). It marked her debut on big screens.

After this, McCoy acted in a number of movies and TV series. She caught impressive public attention through the 1998 movie “The Players Club” where she had played Diana “Diamond” Armstrong.

The American and Irish descent actress holds around 30 credits as a movie actress. Apart from the above-mentioned, she starred in many other movies. Some of them are “All About You”(2001) as Lisa, “Gang of Roses”(2003) as Maria, “Beauty Shop”(2005) as Rochelle, “Lap Dance”(2014) as Sugar, “Love Dot Com: The Social Experiment”(2019) as Deloris Quinn and so on.

LisaRaye McCoy poses with the writer and director of "The Players Club", Ice Cube.
McCoy with the director of “The Players Club”, Ice Cube.
Source: Instagram@thereallraye1

Her two movies are on the way to be released. She has portrayed Dalia in “For the Love of Money” and Shawna Diva in “Chocolate City 3: Live Tour”. Both of these have their release dates in 2022.

Well, she has credits for over 40 Television shows and series. In most of the shows, she has portrayed herself. She has worked in “The It Factor”(2002), “Faking It”(2004), “LisaRaye: The Real McCoy”(2010-2011), The Proposal(2018), and many more. Her portrayal of Neesee James in “All of Us”(2003-2007) can be regarded as her most successful work on television.

Business Venture & Other Career Credits

Prior to acting, this Chicago-born actress-cum-fashion designer also did modeling.

Besides acting, she has also made her appearance in many music videos as “Download”, “True Love”, “Roll Call”, “Never Be The Same Again”, “Unpredictable” and so on.

Interestingly, McCoy is also an inspiring businesswoman. In 2005, she launched two fashion lines: Luxe and Romance, a lingerie line and, XRaye, a jeans line for women. After six years, she introduced her own jeans collection, ‘LisaRaye Collection’ in partnership with PZI Jeans in 2011. The same year, she also launched a hairline “LisaRaye Glamour”.

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Married Twice But Divorced Both Husbands- Does She Have A Child?

“The Players Club” star is mother to a daughter, Kai Morae Pace. Kai was born on 5th December 1989 and is 31 years old for now. She was born when her mom was in a relationship with her father, Kenji Pace.

Lisa and Kenji had a relationship of two years- they began dating in 1988 and broke up in 1990. As a single mother, she raised her daughter Kai Morae who is now an aspiring model and mom to her 4-year-old daughter Bella Rae.

LisaRaye McCoy poses for a selfie with her mother, Kai Morae.
LisaRaye with her daughter Kai Morae Pace.
Source: Instagram@thereallraye1

In 1992, McCoy married a former professional American footballer, Tony Derrick Martin. However, this marriage didn’t work for long. After two years, the couple divorced in 1994.

The “All of Us” protagonist was leading a happy single life until she met the first Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Michael Misick in 2005. He had also served as the Chief Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands in 2003. The couple married in April 2006 in a Lavish Ceremony in presence of 300 guests. They went on an international honeymoon to Jerusalem, Bali, and Dubai for three weeks.

Sadly, this grand marriage was not meant to last forever. The couple separated in August 2008 after Misick released a statement saying they were divorcing. Their divorce was legally finalized in 2009.

In an event, LisaRaye McCoy expressed her extreme regret for marrying Michael. She said that they had married not because of love, but for seeing the potential of true love. She further explained,

“The dream he sold me was ‘I want to date you in our marriage,’ and I had never heard of that before and I was thinking, that’s kind of clever. We’re going towards that anyway so, okay. We can accomplish what we’re trying to accomplish sooner in a partnership. A partnership is what I thought I was getting into.”

For now, the 54-year-old independent woman is living a fascinating life on her own.

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

The empowered mother of a daughter had a great career in Hollywood and the business fraternity as well. The successful ventures reigning a decade-long history of accomplishments saw her a tag of a millionaire. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she holds a fortune of $10 million. She gathered such a big amount from her phenomenal acting career. Indeed, she has been active in the industry for almost three decades now and it is still counting.

The average pay scale of an American actress is $20.41 per hour. However, that is the least pay scale we could expect for her. Being such a veteran actress, she must earn way more than the mentioned amount through even her minor appearances.

Moreover, the multi-millionaire must have invested huge capital to establish her own business. Since they are big names and brands, she might have earned a huge return to her investment for sure.

Reports hows that to establish a normal jeans collection business, it requires a capital that ranges from $10000-$25000. As her collection is a brand in itself surely saw her a hefty investment, not to mention, she made a profit in a decade from the business.

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