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Lindsey Pelas’ Huge Breasts a Result of her Genes or Plastic Surgery?

Model Lindsey Pelas claims to be genetically gifted and strongly refutes any speculations of plastic surgery. But what is the truth, especially regarding her breasts, which are abnormally huge for such a petite frame? 

Pelas who stands at 5 feet 3 inch boasts a chest size of 30HH, and each breast weighs around 11 pounds. Thus it comes as no surprise her bust has garnered much attention. However, credit to Pelas, for using all that attention and making a profit for herself. In the beginning, the blonde showcased her bosom in the magazine, such as Playboy.

After making a name through the popular magazine, she expanded her fan base with various social media accounts such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. After establishing herself as a social media influencer, Pelas entered mainstream media with movies, TV shows, music videos, and commercials. In addition to all that, the LSU alum proved herself as a successful entrepreneur and a podcaster. 

Model Lindsey Pelas boasts Huge breasts.
Photo Source: Lindsey Pelas Instagram(@lindseypelas)

Despite all the achievements and success of Pelas, people are mostly focused on her appearance and especially eager to know if her curves and face are all-natural or is achieved with the help of plastic surgery. 

Are Lindsey Pelas’ 30HH Sized Breasts Completely Natural? 

Pelas is most famous for her huge breasts, which she flaunts proudly on her various social media platforms. Many believe her big bust is the result of plastic surgery, as many think such a petite frame can’t have such huge breasts naturally. 

However, the model has repeatedly fought against that rumor and has made clear that her huge bosoms are natural. Infact, her Instagram bio even says “Genetically gifted”.  

Lindsey Pelas insists her breasts are natural.
Photo Source: Reddit

People’s doubts about Lindsey’s breasts are understandable given the rampant use of plastic surgery in the glamour industry, however in the case of Pelas, it seems like her claims are true. 

Pelas breasts were huge from the beginning of her career. Infact many believe she got modeling opportunity for Playboy back in 2013 solely because of her impressive bust size. Also, her breasts have natural tear-shaped in contrast to the perfect round shape that is seen in women that have done breast surgery.  

Also, the model regularly shares topless pictures with her nine million followers on her Instagram. In those photos, it is pretty evident that she has lop-sided breasts, which is a sign that her breasts are natural. Her right breast is larger than her left breasts. 

Lindsey Pelas Will Never Undergo Breast Reduction Surgery 

There are many perks of having big bosom, but it is also the source of many problems as well. Pelas also faces many health problems because of her 30HH breast size. 

Pelas will never undergo breast reduction surgery.
Photo Source: Lindsey Pelas Instagram(@lindseypelas)

The green-eyed model opened about her problems on her Instagram. She said that she has to “smile through the pain” when posing for sexy photographs.

 “I suffer from back pain all the time, I met with a doctor, but he’s not sure exactly what causes it, which is strange. I almost never wear a bra; I just wear clothes that fit better.”  

Despite the back pain caused by massive breasts, Pelas is not planning to have breast reduction surgery. In an interview with The Sun back in 2017, she told that she has dream boobs, and she will never give them up.  

Lindsey Pelas Did A Nose Job?

Pelas though claims of not having any plastic surgery, but people are sure she did rhinoplasty. You Know the operation that changes the shape of the nose. 

In past photos, the former Playboy model had a wider nose, but in later years her nose seems narrower. Many believe that this is a effect of rhinoplasty; however, some fans claim that she never went under the knife and the difference on the shape of her nose is just an effect of perfect contouring. 

Comparison between Lindsey Pelas’ Past and Present Nose
Photo Source: Plast

Nonetheless, many fans think it was a right decision on her part to go for rhinoplasty as she looks good with a narrower nose. However, some thinks her rhinoplasty was blotched, and her nose seems too narrow. 

Lindsey Pelas Pouty Lips A Result of Lip Fillers 

Big Lips has been cosmetic fad for some time now. Every celebrity is looking to get that perfect pouty lips, and many happily use lip fillers to get the effect. After all, lip fillers are not technically a surgery, so the star can easily claim they have not done any plastic surgery. 

Lindsey Pelas’ lips looks bigger in current photos in comparison to her past photos.
Image Source: Plast

It looks like Pelas has also taken the same route. In her past photos, her lips were thin especially the upper lip, however in recent photos her lips are pouty and luscious.  

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