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Learn All The Details About Surgeries Nicolas Cage Went Through

Plastic Surgery was initially done in the case of injury or some special cases. But, nowadays, every celebrity is found to be experiencing plastic surgery to enhance their appearance and improve their chances in the industry. Previously, the cases of surgery were common among females but now it has covered the male celebrities too. One of the most appreciated actors of all time, Nicolas Cage is also believed to have done some surgeries.

In short, the Ghostwriter actor is believed to have done facelift, Botox, Nose Job, dental work, and hair transplant too. Did the actor go through these surgeries or not? Know all the detail in the following article.

Nicolas Cage Facelift and Botox

Nicolas Cage, who was born on January 7, 1964, is now in his late fifty’s. If you look at some after surgery pictures of the actor, you would be surprised to see the flawless and too smooth skin in the facial area at that age.

Nicolas Cage after Facelift and Botox
Image Source: Wikipedia

Facelift with Botox has always improved the looks of the celebrity especially in their old age, so the actor may have done it to eradicate the aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. Every part of his face seems to be touched by the surgeon. His face sometimes also seems a bit unnatural but it is tolerable, isn’t it?

Nicolas CageNose Job (Rhinoplasty)

The rumors about the Rhinoplasty of Nicolas Cage is not a new concern. The Issue has been roaming around for like five years. His current nose seems a bit pointed and slimmer than before. Also, the surgery has brought some changes in the tip of the nose. He has reshaped the nose according to his face. 

Nicolas Cage before and after Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
Image Source: Pinterest

The renown surgeon, Dr. Paul S. Nassif also pointed out the case of Nicolas Cage’s rhinoplasty saying-

“Nicolas Cage may have had a rhinoplasty a long time ago, as his nose appears to be a little pinched. He could also benefit from hair transplant surgery or a better hairpiece,”

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So, the surgeon has helped the public to know the truth about the surgery. Whatsoever, the actor looks handsome with the new nose as it suits his face perfectly. Thus, the surgeon must have done good work.

Nicolas Cage Hair Transplant and Dental Work

Hair transplant and Dental work are not considered as plastic surgeries but they are mentioned because the actor has used these processes as well to improve his appearance. He seems to get a hair transplant as he was getting hair loss at his young age. But now even in his fifties, his hair looks pretty strong and fresh. The hair transplant has brought a lot of change in his looks.

Nicolas Cage after Hair Transplant and Dental Work
Image Source: Facebook

Teeth are very important parts that determine our facial structure and outer looks. So, dental work is another procedure taken by Nicolas Cage to make him look attractive and smart. This procedure can be distinctly seen as drastic changes have happened to his teeth before and after surgery. His unequally distributed teeth are maintained at the same order and also the teeth seem filled with some artificial colors or something. 

His teeth have played a great role in his career as it has made him attractive, charming, smart, and also has helped a lot in maintaining facial structure.

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