Lady Gaga Joins the Force for Justice for George Floyd and Calls Trump “A Fool and a Racist”

Megapop singer Lady Gaga took to Instagram to slam President Trump and blames him for violence against African-Americans.

Celebrities around the world have been coming up together, of all ethnicity & racial background, asking for justice against police brutality after another member of the African-American community, George Floyd, died following an assault on him by the police, despite the requests.

Lady Gaga is one of them. But instead of just a line, she issued a pretty lengthy statement about standing beside the community to seek change. And as for the reason it is happening, Gaga blames, is partly because of President Donald Trump‘s “ignorance and prejudice” on the matter.

But it seems, it’s not digested well in the Instagram community, especially related to President Trump. They’ve been calling for her blaming that one person for it all, pointing out that such things happened during Barak Obama‘s tenure as well. Some also wanted to unfollow her for her statement.

Before this weekend, Taylor Swift also slammed Donald Trump for his offensive tweet removed by Twitter for “glorifying violence”.

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