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Kristin Davis, 57, Still Looks As Young As Ever-What Is Her Secret? Her Beauty Evolution And Plastic Surgery Rumors

An American actress Kristin Davis has more than a 3-decade-long successful career and running. Most preferably, she is popular for portraying Charlotte York Goldenblatt in the iconic series “Sex And The City.

Throughout these years, Kristin has rocked the Glam industry with her stunning and glamorous looks. How is she managing to look so young and beautiful at the age of 57? Has she gone under the knife?

These speculations about her youthful looks have created a stir on the internet. We have all the details on her beauty evolution and plastic surgery rumors.

Kristin Davis-Plastic Surgery Analysis-

The 57-year-old Davis still looks as gorgeous as ever. So, the Holiday in the Wild star has been rumored to go under the knife for many years.

Also, fans have noticed some speculations and changes over the years. Here are some of her prominent transformations.

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Botox Injection-

Some sources on the web claim that Kristin Davis definitely has had a Botox injection on her face, though she has denied the rumors.

In the past, people have complimented her for being one of a few Hollywood actresses who manage to keep their features and glow without any plastic surgery.

Meanwhile, Dr. David Shafer and Dr. Paul S. Nassif, two popular New York-based plastic surgeons, seem to disagree.

On one of their YouTube videos, the two claimed that Davis had Botox treatment, improving her skin.

Source: YouTube @Dr. Gary Motykie
Kristin Davis then and now

Possibly, she may have done Botox treatment, which is not surprising to the celebrities of her age.

The procedure is mainly done to remove facial wrinkles. It lasts 3-4 months and can cost between $19 to $25 per unit.

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Rumors On Facelift And Nose Job-

Accordingly, there is suspicion of Davis having a facelift and nose job, but she hasn’t mentioned anything about it.

Source: YouTube @Dr. Gary Motykie
Kristin Davis before and after

As seen in the picture, there are no signs of facelift or rhinoplasty being done, but there’s definitely something going on with the puffiness in her face, the smaller eyes, and the full cheeks.

It’s possible she did something like fat grafting or could have done fillers.

Kristin Davis Denied Every Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Davis hasn’t confirmed having any cosmetic treatments. Similarly, in a 2018 interview with New Beauty. The And Just Like That… star claimed that she hadn’t had any procedures using needles like dermal fillers or botox. 

She said: “I’m scared of needles, scared of complications and scared of doing something that looks bad and not being able to go back and fix it.”

Source: YouTube @Dr. Gary Motykie
Kristin Davis’ body now looks similar to her early age

Instead, Davis seems to favor treatments like CoolSculpting, a non-invasive Cryolipolysis procedure that freezes fat cells.

“During my career I’ve gained weight, I’ve lost weight, I’ve gone to the gym six days a week, I’ve gone to the gym not at all. Right now I’m in a ‘not at all’ phase because I have two kids, but throughout it all, there’s a job you have to show up to, and a lot of times, you have to wear jeans.”

She continued-

“The last job I did I had, to wear jeans and pants and everything and I remember being a little worried because if you’re curvy on camera, sometimes it can look too curvy. So when I heard about CoolSculpting, I was intrigued, but I had the misconception that in order to be a good candidate, you needed to have a lot of fat you were trying to reduce.”

The mother of two may or may not have had any procedures on her body; however, she looks amazing.

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Response To Negative Comments:

The Sex And The City star response on social media trolls for spreading negative comments about her looks.

On “The Times”, she stated-

Everyone wants to comment, pro or nay or whatever, on our hair and our faces and our this and our that. The level of intensity of it was a shock. I feel angry and I don’t want to feel angry all the time, so I don’t look at it, I just know it’s there.”

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