Katie Westfall Tharp

Who was Katie Westfall Tharp? 

Katie Westfall Tharp was a talented Set Decorator whose credits include Inside Amy Schumer, The Electric Company, and Human Giant. 

Katie Westfall Tharp was a Set Decorator.
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Tharp was born on 1980 to Kenton Tharp and late Diane Westfall. She grew alongside sisters Ahna Sadowski, Jen Weaver, and Megan Weaver in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Later, Bonnie Frank joined the Tharp family as Katie’s step-mother. 

Katie Westfall Tharp: Cause of Death 

Katie Westfall Tharp died on January 29th, 2020, in her home in Somerville, Massachusetts, with her family at her side. She was forty at the time of death.

Katie Westfall Tharp Lost her life to Cancer.
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Tharp was battling terminal breast cancer for a long time. She was diagnosed with cancer a decade ago but beat it. However, after a while, it relapsed and this time it metastasized in her bones. Thus, her likelihood to beat cancer decreased, and she ultimately lost her life to cancer. 

Katie Westfall Tharp: Illness Did Not Stop Her Marrying Eugene Mirman

Katie, despite her diagnosis, lived her life to the fullest. She met Russian-American comedian Eugene Mirman in Brooklyn, New York and soon started dating. After years of relationship, the pair tied the knot in Labor Day 2015 and, in 2016, welcomed a son Oliver Mirman

Katie Westfall Tharp and her husband on their wedding day.
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Katie, her husband, and her toddler child learned to live with her diagnosis and make the most out of it. The experience of the Mirman family is showcased in the documentary, It Started as a Joke. 

Katie Westfall Tharp’s Career  

The late wife of Eugene Mirman was a graduate of Parsons School of Design and worked as a set decorator in movies and shows. According to her IMDb, she worked in shows such as The Electric Company, Silent Library, Golden Boy, and many more.

Katie WestFell Tharp worked as a property master in the MTV show Silent Library.
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When Katie’s health deteriorated and was not able to work on-set, she designed the houses and weddings of her friends up until her death. 

Katie WestFell Tharp’s Net Worth 

On average, a set decorator in the USA Earns $64,220 a year. Katie most probably was earning in the same range. Nonetheless, it would not be surprising if she was not able to save much because of hospital bills and treatments. 

Katie WestFell Tharp’s husband Is A Millionaire.
Photo Source: Zimbio

Nonetheless, the Massachusetts native did not had to stress about the money because of her husband, Eugene Mirman. He is a well-renowed comedian and actor. He is famous for playing Yvgeny Mirminsky on Delocated and Gene Belcher on the animated comedy Bob’s Burgers. It is reported his overall net worth is $2 million. 

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