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Kardashian BFF Malika Haqq Says What Her Plastic Surgery Insinuation Really Meant

When it comes to plastic surgery, you know the Kardashian-Jenner world is not something that will evade your mind. A lot of people associated with the family have been involved in the cosmetic surgery world, influenced by the members or not.

And like Kylie Jenner‘s bestie Anastasia Karanikolaou, Khloé Kardashian‘s BFF Malika Haqq has also, at times, been discussed in that department quite a few times. And she’s no stranger to enhancing her looks either, having been scrutinized in her most recent tackle with plastic surgery.

Haqq gave birth to her first child with rapper O.T. Genasis back in March 2020, and it doesn’t seem she isn’t taking plastic surgery into consideration, something many fans seemed convinced she would. But she had a whole different reason to see she did not say she was getting surgery.

Malika Haqq Got Cheek Contouring, Fillers and Something Called “Microstroking” in 2016

The Kardashian BFF had one of the titled procedures revealed by Khloé herself in October 2016 when she released a video on her official app of Haqq getting “3D brows”. In medical terms, it is called “microstroking”, something with tiny, hair-like incisions made onto the skin, as a tattoo.

It is to be noted it was not the first-ever procedure she’s had on her face. Just around a week before microstroking, she also had nonsurgical cheek contouring from Dr. Simon Ourian, the same guy Kim Zolciak & Kim Kardashian favored at that time.

She posted a short clip on Instagram about the trip, showing her getting fillers injected into the side of her face. She’s removed the clip now, though. But she obviously did share the results of the trip though.

Kardashians and Biermanns aren’t that far apart either.
Photo Source: Malika Haqq, Instagram

However, she did retreat from a boob job. Khloé and Malika talked about how the latter may have wanted a boob job after the split from Adrian Wilson. But she did not go through it after realizing she wanted it possibly for the wrong reason.

“I’m not opposed to plastic surgery if you’re doing it for you, but is this something you want to do, or are you just doing it because you and Adrian broke up?” Khloé asked Malika during a podcast episode of Khloé & Lamar.

“Maybe I was trying to get large breasts for the wrong reasons,” Haqq had revealed back in 2012.

Haqq Clears Out Her “Post Pregnancy Makeover” Did Not Mean Plastic Surgery

It was not so long before giving birth to her son, Ace, that Malika Haqq announced that she already had “post pregnancy makeover” lined up with plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond. And sure, you have to forgive people for thinking she was planning for plastic surgery. Mentioning a plastic surgeon was already giving it away.

Featuring the doctor in the post did make her fans confused.
Photo Source: Malika Haqq, Instagram

“Stopped by just to see my fav @drjasondiamond and I’m fully book(ed) for my post pregnancy makeover. I can’t wait,” she’d written on the Instagram post. And sure enough, she was bombarded with harsh comments, for good reasons. But she wasn’t heading that way.

“Is this serious?,” One of those wrote. “The idea that working to get your body back after having a baby is too much makes me nauseous. The ‘quick fix’ is just so ridiculous.” But she did get some positive responses too.

She did not go to details about it, but to those criticisms, she did try to push back the talk of plastic surgeries, saying she’s never mentioned surgery in her initial post. Come to think of it, she did not.

The response was not too aggressive from her.
Photo Source: Malika Haqq, Instagram

“Folks love to jump to conclusions,” she responded to a comment. “My makeover doesn’t require surgery but to each their own.”

“Where did I say surgery? Didn’t happen,” she joked about, also noting that there are many “ways to enhance & improve that don’t require surgery.”

Well, there haven’t been reports of the so-called “post pregnancy makeover” yet, or even so far as plastic surgery. But she does post a lot of makeup-related photos. And also, a lot of her posts feature her son quite often.

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