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Jessica Lowndes Stuns Her Fans With New Look, Is Plastic Surgery is the Reason For Her Changed Look?

Know all about Jessica Lowndes plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements.

Jessica Lowndes is a Canadian actress and singer/songwriter. Lowndes is well known for her character ‘Adrianna Tate-Duncan on the Teen drama series ‘90210.’ Moreover, she is also known for appearing in several Hallmark Channel movies.

Lowndes made her debut from 2005 television film ‘Saving Milly,’ where she portrayed the character Andrea Kondracke at the age of 16. From her early years in career to now, she has come a long way.

Now at age 31, Lowndes still maintains her flawless skin; if not, she looks better than she ever did. Following this, she has been on people’s scrutiny for her beauty. People have claim she has she has had plastic surgery or other cosmetic enhancements. So let’s find out.

Jessica Lowndes Plastic Surgery

So it all started when Jessica Lowndes uploaded selfies back in 2017. She looked so different than before that her fans could not help but speculate about her plastic surgery. 

We have combined some of the opinions from different sources and people claiming Jessica has had plastic surgery. Let’s find out what the claims are.

Jessica Lowndes’ Changed Look

As you can see from the comparison pictures, the actress looks like a completely different person. So, what Jessica Lowndes did to her face? If we have to go by what people claim, then she used fillers.

According to the experts, Jessica’s lip is different; they are now more plump and poutier. The upper lip is a clear giveaway that the actress had had lip fillers injected. Moreover, she looks younger now, so some believe she used Botox injection too.

Jessica always had high cheekbones, but her cheeks were not complimenting them as they do now. Her chin, which is used to be too pointy, now perfectly goes with her cheeks and jawline making her face look symmetrical. Even her forehead now seems much smoother and fuller.

Jessica Lowndes’ Boob Job

Another thing that has changed over time about Jessica Lowndes is her breasts. According to some people, Jessica did have had a boob job. So, when we look at the three different pictures from a different time, the change is quite evident. 

Looking at her pictures, Lowndes had at least one or two breast augmentation procedures is done. Her new boobs look firmer, rounder, and raised high. Some people might argue she must have used a push-up bra, which technically can be true, but the size itself is different. 

What Does Jessica Lowndes Say About Her Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Jessica Lowndes never really addressed her fans about the plastic surgery rumors, nor she did about any of her cosmetic procedures. However, people are convinced she has done plastic surgery at least once. 

Be it for her boobs or her face; recently, people think there is something odd about her in a good way. Back in 2017, CelebsNow covered a similar story about Jessica. The media outlet, just like us, tried to find what’s different about the star, but could not do it either.

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