Jaz Sinclair and Ross Lynch Are Still Dating, Right?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina just came with three seasons in two years, and if you haven’t had the time to watch it yet, you might be right now. And Spoiler Alert! Maybe. But did you get to the part where ‘Roz‘ and ‘Harvey‘ start dating? Yeah, you’ll have to be living under a rock to not know that.

Sarvey, or Habrina or something, may have been the wishful ship when we started with season one, but you should’ve known it wasn’t going to last. But who knows what happens after a few more seasons.

While a lot of confusions were there about Kiernan Shipka‘s dating life, for co-actors Jaz Sinclair and Ross Lynch, there seems to be just this ship they’re sailing on. Yes, they’re dating. But much like Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse‘s relationship, they took a lot of time to confirm and did tackle a few breakup rumors on the way like them.

Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair Confirm Dating by Calling Out Racist Haters

The dating questions were looming over the pair for ages as they continued to be lovey-dovey in front of their fans, teasing them over and over again. Even after the cute TikTok before the Balmain Menswear show, no one was sure because they didn’t specifically say so.

This was intended to be their official confirmation after all.
Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images

However, they may have been convinced that the fans knew. Come on; there’s sort of a connection. But even with all the love, there seems to be a few hates going around the internet against their relationship, specifically related to their ethnicity and color. Yeah, some people are just dumb.

Dear Harvey was having none of it. His statement against the haters all but confirmed the two are boyfriend-girlfriend. They may have even been spending the COVID-19 lockdown together.

Anyway, Lynch took to Instagram to give them a piece of their mind. “Yo guys whoever is being hateful to jasmine and I’s relationship (especially on a race basis wtf) can take a step back,” he wrote in a post-mid-April post on Instagram. “We are both extremely happy. Thanks 👍”

How can you not fall in love with this?
Photo Source: Ross Lynch, Instagram

Everybody loves an appropriately defensive boyfriend. The fans were just waiting for it. The couple is, in fact, spending quarantine together as they finished wrapping up another season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in California. They also visited Zion National Park together before the quarantine.

The Time When Fans Were Convinced They Were Dating

After over a year of speculations & even breakup gossips in the middle, it seemed they confirmed their relationship by attending a red carpet event together. Really reminds you of Lili and Cole, doesn’t it? What’s more? A TikTok clip right before the event.

They filmed the clip while getting ready for the Balmain Menswear show at Paris Fashion Week. They were grooving to Bruno Mars in the clip. It went viral on the internet right then and there. Cue the love comments.

Throughout the event, they were walking arm-in-arm, never letting go of each other.

The big flame was ignited when they celebrated Lynch’s birthday in December 2018 with a sentimental post on social media, now deleted. But in January 2019, Lynch told Entertainment Tonightthat Jaz was his “closest friend right now.”

The now-deleted birthday wish for Lynch.
Photo Source: Jaz Sinclair, Instagram via Reddit

And amidst the breakup rumors in April 2019, eyewitnesses said they were kissing during the screening of the show and cast Q&A at The Roxy Hotel in New York City. So yeah, Jaz and Ross are so on. Just root for them.

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