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Jane Benyo, Former Wife Of Late Tom Petty Biography

Jane Benyo is an American public figure who gained fame through her ex-husband, late Tom Petty. The couple was together from 1974–1996. The self-made superstar Petty was an American songwriter, musician, record producer, and actor. He is better known as the lead singer and guitarist of the “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers” band. Sadly, the legendary died in 2017, which was a huge loss for the music fraternity.

Brief Intro: Birthday, Age, Childhood.

There is no specific information about the exact date of birth of Jane Benyo. Still, according to some sources, she was born in 1951 in Gainesville, Florida, USA. If the information is true, her age would be 70 years as of 2021. She grew up in her home place Gainesville.

Benyo is not in contact with the media; neither has she revealed much about her personal life. Hence, her family background is not available. For her education, a few sources have claimed that she studied and graduated from Gainesville High School, Florida.

Married Life With Tom Petty- Kids And Divorce

The American rock star and Jane were highschool sweethearts. They got to know each other when they were studying at Gainesville High School. Although Petty left school when he was just 17, they both fell for each other and started dating. Tom was searching for an established career in music back then.

After dating for several years, the high school lovebirds wedded on 26th March 1976. After marriage, they moved to Los Angeles so that Tom could find a better place and platform to groom and grow his career.

From left: Tom Petty in strapped shirt and black coat with cigarette in his hand and Jane Benyo on his right in white t-shirt and goggle.
Jane and Tom’s picture.
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Until Tom was still struggling to get good recognition in music, Jane supported him with all her heart and soul. Slowly, he started getting public attention through his beautiful music.

In between the rise of Petty’s career, the couple welcomed their first child, Adria Petty, on 28th November 1974. After some years, their second daughter, Kimberly Violette, was born. Although her exact date of birth is not clear, reports say she was born in 1982.

As the trendy artist was getting busy in his shows and music career, Jane felt ignored and alone. She began to behave rudely to her husband and children. The issue became bigger, which led to chaos and problem in the family. Tom’s wife started going through mental issues and fell into drug abuse. Tom also began using drugs. Since things were not going right in their marital life, the couple decided to split up and divorced in 1996.

Tom went to marry Dana York in 2001. They were together until the singer’s tragic death on 2nd October 2017. His death occurred due to the accidental overdose of drugs, ultimately causing cardiac arrest to the music gem.

On the other hand, Jane has remained out of media contact ever since their public separation, and there is no news of her current relationship status.


Benyo never revealed her profession. We have always seen her being a good wife and mother of the house. She nurtured and cared for their children and supported her husband to work harder and be better.

Taking about the Late Petty’s career, with hard work and patience, in 1978, the then promising musician got a breakthrough with his studio debut album “Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.” Since then, he never looked back in his career. He came with more albums with his band, which people widely loved.

Some of the influential albums are “Damn the Torpedoes”(1979), “Hard Promises”(1981), and so on. Among the mentioned albums, the former one was able to get a triple-platinum rating in the USA and double platinum in Canada.

Likewise, the latter one also successfully got platinum standard in the USA and Canada. He was shining brightly in the 80s, or we can say he was living his dreams. In 1989, he came up with his solo album “Full Moon Fever,” which successfully got multiple platinum categories.

Besides those as mentioned earlier, some other super hits of Petty with his band are “Don’t Do Me Like That”(1979), “Refugee”(1980), “The Waiting”(1981), “Don’t Come Around Here No More”(1985). Moreover, his solo hits include “I won’t Back Down”(1989), “Free Fallin”(1989), “You Don’t Know How It Feels”(1994).

Net Worth Of Jane Benyo

The net worth of Jane Benyo is not disclosed as of now. Since her profession is also not in public knowledge, we can hardly estimate her riches.

Black & White picture of Jane Benyo
Jane’s cool looks.
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Tom Petty had a net worth of $95 million when he died. His successful musical career has been very helpful for him to accumulate such wealth.

She must have inherited some amount after the death of her multi-millionaire ex-husband. Some rumors said she was supposed to acquire $75 million after Tom’s death. Tom’s and Jane’s daughters filed a lawsuit against Dana since she ignored the “equal participation in their father’s property.” They asked for compensation of $5 million. However, the case has not been solved yet.

Moreover, their divorce also should have earned a remarkable sum for her.

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Where Is Jane Benyo Now?

Jane is not active on any social media platforms. She prefers to keep her life private and away from publicity. Hence there is no accurate information regarding her current residence and lifestyle. After her divorce from the rock idol, she started to live away from the spotlight.

The information about Jane’s current living is still under our research.

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