James McAvoy on the ‘delicate space’ ‘X-Men’ has in his heart

James McAvoy admits he has some lines he can’t cross.. even if they’re simply aesthetic.

To standard audiences, James is known for his long and running role as Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X).

In any event, if he was ever compelled to pick whether to keep, kill or slew awards for “Atonement,” “First Class,” or the three-[art romantic drama “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby,” the 41-year-old actor says he wouldn’t “kill” any.  

James McAvoy
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The golden globe nominee further shared that “X-Men” prequel “has got a very soft, lovely part to it,” as he promoted Audible’s adaptation of “The Sandman” where he portrays Dream.

The Scottish actor shared about our beloved superhero movie “And it’s got beautiful — well it’s not soft … but it’s got a soft space in my heart, just because I made so many friends on it and I really felt like we did something fun and different with the genre. And so I’d keep that one. Do you know what I mean? I also felt that I got to play a really nice interesting character.”

As Mcavoy kept playing the role of Professor X in 2014′s “Days of Future Past,” 2016′s “Apocalypse,” and 2019′s “Dark Phoenix,” alongside other former actors as Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender, he was quite fascinated with the crew.

“Atonement’ maybe I’d make sure I’d get a hold of that one,” the BAFTA winner shared. “That’s the one I’d choose. High on my shelf of keepsakes.”

James is widely known for his diverse acting as he has played horror (“Split” and “It Chapter Two”), period dramas (including ”The Last King of Scotland” and “Becoming Jane”) to action (“Wanted” and “Atomic Blonde”) to Marvel blockbusters, and also the romantic-comedy (“Starter for 10” and “Penelope”).

Be that as it may, he’s not ready to do just anything.  

“Is there anything [I’m] reluctant to take on?… Really borings–t,” McAvoy laughed before pausing. “Biopics, biopics. … I don’t know why.”  

James McAvoy as Professor X 
Image Source: Digital Spy

James flickered here and there saying “Maybe I’d like to be in a biopic” and “I get so tired of biopics.”

James further went to explain how it’s not easy to make a biographical movie as  most of them contain the same structure i.e hardship, hardship, and overcoming hardship.

Then he shared “And it’s like, I don’t know how many times I can be troubled to choose a biopic, do you know what I mean? I feel like I’ve seen the same movie a thousand times.”

In any case that there was a producer and screenwriter out there who were hoping to make such a film, that focuses on an “exceptional” part of its subject and recounts to the story in a distinctive manner, James would obviously give it a shot.

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