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Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery: She Never Admitted Going Under the Knife

Ivanka Trump (Ivana Marie Trump Jr.) is an American businesswoman, and she is serving as Senator Advisor to the President. And as we all know, she is the daughter of President Donald Trump

Apart from her career as a businesswoman, Ivanka is also a model. She started when she was still school, she began modeling on weekends and holidays and absolutely not during the school year. 

Since she is a model, there are obviously rumors of her plastic surgery. So, we have gathered some information and claim people about Ivanka’s plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement.

Ivanka Trump’s Plastic Surgery

People have a lot of speculations about Ivanka’s cosmetic enhancements and plastic surgery. Even some experts have come to speculate that Ivanka has at least one procedure done. Here are some of the speculations.

Ivanka Trump’s Nose Job

Ivanka Trump’s Rhinoplasty.
Photo Source: Zwivel

Ivanka has been the center of speculations about her nose job. And if we look at the comparison pictures, it’s evident the businesswoman has gone under the knife to correct her nose.

Her new nose looks more slender, pointed upward, and shorter tip, compared to her old look where her nose looks wider and points downward. The new nose looks much refined.

Ivanka Trump’s Boob Job

Ivanka Trump is speculated of opting for breast augmentation.
Photo Source: Zwivel

Even this speculation seems to be true. Trump’s breasts are, indeed, much more prominent and firmer. We don’t think we need to stress more on this as her boobs speak the truth.

Another expert on this topic, Dr. Matthew Schulman, who is a plastic surgeon in New York, agrees Ivanka has done several cosmetic enhancement. 

Dr. Schulman said, “Looking back at her past photos, Ivanka appears to have had some nasal reshaping and also breast augmentation. She has likely had some minor additions, such as Botox and chemical peels, to give her skin that smooth appearance. Overall, I think she looks great.”

What Ivanka Trump Has to Say About Her Plastic Surgery Rumors

While it’s apparent Ivanka Trump has gone under the knife for several procedures, she never admitted. However, she has never denied the accusations as well.

Ivanka Trump has never admitted of going under the knife.
Photo Source: Zwivel

In fact, there’s an incident when Donald Trump advised to get plastic surgery, and asked her to get breast implants as he thought it might help her in the modeling career. 

So, since it’s coming from a father himself, how can a daughter deny her father’s choice. But again, Ivanka never admitted nor denied having plastic surgery.

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