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It Took Some Time for Crystal Hefner to Realize Plastic Surgery Implants Were the Reason for Her Health Problems

Crystal Hefner had had enough. She’d had enough of those 34D breast implants that caused so much trouble for her healthwise. Harris was married to the Playboy founder for five years in the 2010s until 2017, when the mogul passed away.

Hefner went back to her smaller cup size in 2016 and publicly warned women the dangers of keeping breast implants for years. With a first-hand experience by herself, she was determined to let them know what could happen. But, of course, she has not been the only case of breast surgeries that has troubled the bearer. However, hers was not a botched surgery, initially.

It’s unclear when she’d gotten the said plastic surgery, but it’s clear how she hated it. She does have a story of how she came to realize the breast implants were giving her such a hard time. And it is also not difficult to imagine she’d had other work done more than just a boob job.

Crystal Hefner’s List of Problems Due to the Plastic Surgery Implants Was Endless

The Playboy model got her implants removed by Dr. Lu-Jean Feng (not the same doctor who got her the implants) on June 15, 2016, after a lengthy time of noticing that her health problems were all because of her breast implants.

Good riddance for her.
Photo Credit: Gabe Ginsberg, FilmMagic / Crystal Hefner, Instagram

In a lengthy post on social media, brutally titled My Breast Implants Slowly Poisoned Me, Hefner shared every single problem she’d encountered through the years, not realizing the implants were to blame. She also shared a photo of her on the doctor’s table after the implant removal.

“Intolerance to foods and beverages, unexplained back pain, constant neck and shoulder pain, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, memory loss), stunted hair growth, incapacitating fatigue, burning bladder pain, low immunity, recurring infections and problems with my thyroid and adrenals,” she started her confession with the symptoms as she wrote the entire experience of learning about the impact of having artificially enhanced breasts.

So it turns out, She’d initially been diagnosed with Lyme disease and toxic mold before a journey on social media suggested her symptoms also resembled to that of “breast implant illness”.

Coming Back with a Bikini and Moving On

It’s clear she felt a heavy weight lifted off from her shoulders, literally, after removing the implants. And she was determined to go with a healthier life. Well, she’s still a model nonetheless. But her social media presence seems to be the only thing noticeable about her, although she completely renewed her IG page (there are no photos before December 2017).

She’s been traveling the world these recent years.
Photo Source: Crystal Hefner, Instagram

She posted a photo of her in a bikini on Instagram, the post now deleted, writing, “The new me. Happier and healthier. Using 2016 to reclaim my health and embrace and love myself for the real me. Thank you for the overwhelming support on my post yesterday, I love you.”

It’s safe to say she’s having the time of her life even during the COVID-19 lockdown. But she hasn’t forgotten the impact Chris Hefner’s had on her as she celebrated his birthday back in April. And she looks way different than she was before, a result of probably removing the other injectables on her face too, perhaps?

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