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Is There Anything about Madelyn Cline in the Plastic Surgery Department?

Assume this time is before April 2020. Now, if somebody had asked you back then if you knew who Madelyn Cline is, you probably would’ve given a confused look and said no. But since Outer Banks, a mix of that treasure hunting and teen drama (not your generic boy-girl kissing at the end just because they found treasure together), rolled out on Netflix, she’s been the talk of the town.

However, it turns out Cline was a veteran at acting, having been doing it since her pre-teen years. And her fame was not because Netflix is burning the worlds with its overwhelming number of viewers in recent months. Because she’s already featured in Stranger Things (yeah, go dig, she played ‘Tina‘ in the first two episodes of Season 2) way back in 2017.

Cline played a short-lived character on ‘Stranger Things’.
Photo Source: Stranger Things, Netflix

Furthermore, she’s also featured in 23rd Psalm: Redemption [2011], Savannah Sunrise [2016], The Jury [2016], The Originals [2017] and so much more. But there’s another aspect of her, besides acting and the relationship with co-star Chase Stokes, that seem so obvious to be talked about.

Has Madelyn Cline Ever Had Some Sort of Plastic Surgery Procedure?

Do you ever get the feeling that Madelyn Cline is somehow a little like Dove Cameron in some photos? There’s something besides her character’s name, ‘Sarah Cameron‘, that springs up a similarity in the two. Is it their smiles? Of course, their industry-standard puffy lips would make you think that. And Cline’s smile has changed over the years.

We’ve all seen her face without makeup. (Really? Haven’t seen her in the MTV interview?) So you know she doesn’t need makeup make her lips looking a little more distinguishable. And if you look at her portrayal of ‘Tina’, rivaling our dear ‘Nancy‘, in Stranger Things, you might think she’s injected something to make it look the way it is now.

However, looking at a post she made on Instagram, in which she gave a glimpse of her youth before she decided to be a full-time actor, it looks like she hasn’t aged at all.

Yeah, she’s a really playful person.
Photo Source: Madelyn Cline, Instagram

Yeah, her lips have been the same. And as for other plastic surgery possibilities, that smooth face is entirely possible with makeup. That look of the ’80s in Stranger Things is clever.

Did Madelyn Ever Talk or Address Anything Related to Plastic Surgery

Now, we’re not making claims here. But the way she has made boys drool all over the world for her (using a fan’s words), you’d think some people have gotten jealous. Well, there may be. Any words against her, you probably wouldn’t find in any of the comments. So, she hasn’t the need to significantly reply to anything like that.

Although it might seem like she’s done something to her face, the verdict for now is, no, Madelyn Cline has not had plastic surgery operation on her. She did attempt to shave her the tip end of her eyebrows though. She had to do it for a dare when Outer Banks hit #1 on Netflix earlier this month. She colored on the end point to make it look like she still had the hair.

Still, this thing is still an open discussion, until she herself says something about it. There are a lot of visible inconsistencies that can be said to be true though. Her hair color has changed over the years from a full brunette to blonde.

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