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Is There Any Truth to Victoria Pedretti’s Plastic Surgery Speculations?

You never get tired of admiring that beautiful face of Victoria Pedretti, do you? Despite the plethora of “on the edge of madness” characters in her only acting credits so facts, there’s that charm she leaves behind for her fans. With that face, who wouldn’t?

The tortured soul of ‘Nell Crain‘ in ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ and ‘Leslie Van Houten‘, a Manson family member, in ‘Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood’ were not enough disturbed characters the 25-year-old wanted. She might’ve wanted to take a break, but the role of ‘Love Quinn‘, a partner-in-crime to Penn Badgley‘s spectacular character of ‘Joe Goldberg‘, was something she probably never wanted to refuse.

Yeah, melts your heart.
Photo Source: You, Netflix

Outside the roles she plays, Pedretti is a enchantingly charming personality. It’s obvious for people to question that pretty face for a plastic surgery procedure. But you might be happy to know the answer to those questions?

Has Victoria Pedretti Ever Gotten Plastic Surgery?

The answer to that is no, pretty much a stern no. There’ve never been reports of any plastic surgery procedure in her and nor has she indicated anything about it.

However, if you have seen some change in her face over her relatively short acting career, remember, makeup can do a lot to someone’s face. She may have featured in some short movies before, but her first major role was in ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ in October 2018. And she’s made her mark pretty easily.

Yeah, find faults if you will.
Photo Source: Victoria Pedretti, Instagram

Any kind of cosmetic surgery is so not possible as her eyes, teeth and nose have all be the same since she was a young girl. See that comparison photo? Yeah, she was headed to that face since forever. And it seems she doesn’t use too much makeup, except when for her role. But when she does, her face just glows.

Victoria Did Get a Hair Makeover with the Turn of the Calendar

If you count a change in hair as a plastic surgery thing, then Victoria Pedretti’s had one plastic surgery change. But that doesn’t mean she’s gone under the knife. So rule that one out.

When moving on from 2019 to 2020, it seems the only thing she wanted to change about herself was her hair. She went from her dark chocolate, brunette look to a more blonde look as the year changed. But she herself was not the one to announce the new look.

Blonde isn’t a bad look on her, after all.
Photo Source: Rebekah Forecast, Instagram

Pedretti’s hairstylist, Rebekah Forecast, released the photos of her change in hair in early January 2020. As you might think, she doesn’t post the photos on Instagram that often. But her blonde look debuted on her social media page when she was at the Paris Fashion Show in early March 2020.

She’s absolutely killing it.
Photo Source: Victoria Pedretti, Instagram

It’s unclear why she did that change. But some speculate it might be for a new role that might require a brunette hair, questioning her continuation in the next season of ‘You’. Or the ‘Love Quinn’ role is taking a different turn. Of course, it wouldn’t be new for such a dramatic thriller series.

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