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Is there any Truth in Jen Selter’s Butt Enhancement Surgery Rumors?

Jen Selter came into prominence when she started posting pictures of her perfect butt on her Instagram. Infact, many credits her for mainstreaming the term Belfie, a selfie of buttocks. 

Selter’s belfies became so popular that she got millions of followers on her Instagram and even featured in well-reputed papers and magazines,such as New York Post, Huffington Post, Vanity Fair to name a few. Not only that, but sponsorship and endorsement deals from clothing and nutrition companies also started coming. Hence, she quit her day job and focus solely on becoming a fitness influencer. 

Selter is now a co-owner of a portable blender company blend jet, and founder of @couplegoals and runs a fitness program through her website. It is not wrong to say she has made a empire based on fitness and lifestyle. However, many believe her whole business has started with a false narrative. They claim that her perfect butt is not achieved with workout and fitness, but instead, she used plastic surgery to make the ideal shape and size. Is there any truth in these claims, and what does Selter think of these accusations? Let’s find out: 

Why does People Claim Jen Selter’s Buttocks Are Fake? 

Jen has quite prominent buttocks with perfect shape. However, her legs and thighs are very slim, which does not make sense as someone with such developed gluten should also have developed leg muscle. Also, a natural butt changes its shape during squats; however, people claim that her Butt looks the same all the time. 

Jen Selter doing squats.
Photo Source: Reddit

Many plastic Surgeons and fitness experts also agree that there is some truth in Selter’s plastic surgery rumors. Dr. Cat Begovic, Plastic Surgeon, based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, believes that the 26-year-old fitness influencer has done some sort of enhancement procedure.

According to Begovic, it is challenging to develop gluteal muscles without also developing leg muscles. Squats, lunges, even Butt blaster machines, and other exercises designed to shape the Butt inevitably also strengthen the quads and hamstrings. So, Selter’s thin and relatively undeveloped legs cast doubt on her claim of achieving the buttocks because of workout. 

Jen Selter Has Denied Getting Plastic Surgery and Claims Her Butt Is Natural 

Jen Selter has repeatedly denied the accusations of plastic surgery. She claims that her perfect posterior is the result of her hard work and dedication to workout over the years. While Speaking to the magazine Women’s Health, the young entrepreneur said;

“My Butt is not even big enough to be fake. If it is big enough to look fake, I will take that as a compliment. I have a body that anyone could have if they worked hard and worked out consistently.” 

The New Yorker in the same interview, however, admitted that she was so frustrated with the plastic surgery rumors that she even once considered getting an X-ray to prove that her Butt is real. She, however, later decided against the idea thinking why she should waste her time disapproving something that is so obviously false.  

Jen Selter Got a Nose Job at the Age of 15 

Selter was born with a really wide nose, and while growing up, she was very self-conscious about that. Things turned even worse when she suffered a lot of bullying in school because of her nose. 

Jen Selter Before and After Plastic Surgery.
Photo Source: Imgur

Thus at the age of fifteen, she made her nose narrower with the help of Rhinoplasty. Dr. Sam Rizk of New York was his plastic surgeon. After the surgery, she became more confident and happier. 

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