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Is Teyana Taylor’s Drastic Transformation Because of Plastic Surgery?

Teyana Taylor came into prominence from the music video of  Kanye West’sFade” in 2016. People after seeing the video could not stop talking about her dance moves and toned figure. 

The Harlem born and raised however, was active in the entertainment industry many years before the Fade music video. She debuted on television in 2007 with the MTV‘s show My Super Sweet Sixteen and continuously worked after that as a actress, singer, and choreographer.  

Taylor, in her more than ten years of career, has transformed a lot physically. A distinct difference can be seen in her appearance when she started her career vs. now. Is the change mainly because of makeup and adulthood, or has she altered her features with the help of plastic surgery? Let’s find out: 

Teyana Taylor Had Breast Reduction Surgery After Giving Birth to Her Daughter 

Teyana Taylor’s breasts grew exceptionally after she gave birth to daughter Iman Shumpert Jr. aka Junie in 2015. Since she is just 5 feet 4 inches tall, these breasts were too big for her and because of the weight of the breasts, she was not able to do anything. Hence she went for breast reduction surgery.

Teyena Taylor Shares Daughter Iman Shumpert Jr. with husband Iman Shumpert.
Photo Source: Popsugar UK

While talking on the Ebro in the Morning, the singer discussed about her breast reduction surgery. She said, 

“They were so heavy. When I did the Kanye fashion show, they were just bigger than me, And I was just like, ‘This is just too much.’ I took ’em down. I took ’em all the way down. The thing about it was, it was all excess, just tissue and milk. It was so much stuff and I was just like, ‘This gotta go.'” 

In the same interview, the 29-year-old revealed that the surgeries has left behind many scars, but she do not regret her decision. She is happy as her breasts are currently in their original size of C instead of E. 

Did Teyana Taylor Have Rhinoplasty and Face Lift? 

Many fans speculate that in addition to breast reduction surgery, Taylor has also gone for rhinoplasty and facelift. Fans come into this conclusion as Taylor looks much different from her earlier days. 

The most visible difference is seen in her nose. Her nose is much narrower than previously. Also, her face looks much oval. 

Teyena Taylor Nose looks narrower and face more oval in comparison to her earlier days. 
Photo Source: YouTube

There is a definite difference in the width of her nose, so it looks like the singer has indeed done rhinoplasty. However, the rumors of a facelift do not seem to be true. Her face looks more oval, but it can be the result of her nose becoming narrower and the effect of losing weight.     

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