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Is Lily Ermak’s Boob Job/Plastic Surgery Real?

Talk about a model from one of the easternmost parts of the world. Yeah, that’s Lily Ermak. And yeah, she’s one of the hottest ones around. Born in Chukotka, Russia, the district right beside the international date line, she’d been living in Moscow since she turned 5.

An entrance into her Instagram page will have you drooling for her, if you’re not a critic. She’s one of those who likes to wear minimal clothes and, at times, even put on see-through clothes in a pool of an area of water. However, current self-isolation is becoming unbearable for her.

On a different note though, there a topic that keeps popping up every time people see her voluptuous body. There seems to be a visible presence of plastic surgery on her body.

Lily Ermak’s Boob Job a Real Deal?

There’s no denying you’ll think she added implants on her breasts when you look at her body too. And there’s no hiding it since she’s barely fully clothed in her photos. Still, it’s not confirmed if she’s had a boob job.

It’s hard to find decent photos of Ermak on Instagram.
Photo Source: Lily Ermak, Instagram

It has, however, been reported that she underwent two breast augmentation procedures and has since been in the “No Bra Club”. Although, she does need to cover up sometimes as a swimsuit once in a while. Once was in 2013, and the second was in 2016 after breastfeeding apparently changed the shape in between. It’s not confirmed how many times she’s got implants, but there’s no doubt she’s had it at least once.

The baby thing is real though. She is currently married to a man named Dimitrii Ermak and also had a child, Misha, according to an Instagram post on her page. You can scroll through her endless Instagram posts to verify it.

It hasn’t mattered to her fans though. She is rocking that body online, and her fans are craving for more. Additionally, she’s also been assumed to have had lip fillers, but that’s not impossible either.

Yeah, fillers may be added only at certain times.
Photo Source: Lily Ermak, Instagram

She’s got over 1.5 million followers on her Instagram page, and even though it’s fewer in comparison to other exotic IG models who use the same techniques of photoshoots, the type of loyal fans is the same all around.

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